Team Turkey

A mini-RA-mod that adds a 3rd Team to the soviets without disturbing the balance. Easy to install.

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Team Turkey

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version: release-20200503-teamturkey-alpha

1.0 Stable and tested on AI Skirmish, Lan and Direct IP - Needs custom icons.



Team turkey was my solution to address that burning itch of the soviets lacking a 3rd team.

Why Turkey? Although Turkey being a soviet country isn't historically accurate neither is Red Alert (Allied Hinds anyone?), and Russia did want Turkey allied with them during the Cold War for logistical reasons, which fits the teams theme.

But most importantly, their flag is red!



Turkey is the Soviet logistics teams, they play like you would expect soviets to play and their two specials consist of:

1 - A "new" building, the Forward Command Centre (prerequisite: Radar Dome) - Place this to create a small buildable area. Very handy for expanding your base without having to up and move your MCV. Alternatively you can up and move your MCV, leaving behind a small area you can still build in. Can be found under defensive structures and currently uses the allied tech centre icon.

2 - A new ability, Supply Drop, (prerequisite: Forward Command), a Badger flies over dropping 3 Healing and 2 Money Crates. Very handy for repairing a couple of your units without slogging it back to base. The money isn't much (maximum cash rate is the equivalent of half an oil derrick), but can be handy in a pinch. Currently uses the Parabomb icon so if you're playing Ukraine and have captured a forward command, remember to check the tool tip first!

The AI doesn't make use of the Forward Command so if you set them as Turkey you'll get a pretty vanilla experience.



That's just about it, this mod wasn't about rebalancing the game or creating a total conversion and I reused what assets were already there, I was addressing my pet-peeve.

However... I did add a second infantry slot to the Allied pillbox, it always annoyed me not being able to garrison a rifleman and a rocket soldier together. The Camo pillbox remains unchanged.

If someone out there knows how to create icons for OpenRA and wants to make a couple for the Fwd.Comm/SupplyDrop, feel free to do so, if you can add them to the mod, it would be appreciated. Any other feedback is a bonus.



1) Extract and copy the teamturkey folder into your ra folder, it should look something like this:
OpenRA -> mods -> ra -> teamturkey

2) Copy the "mods.yaml" file from the teamturkey folder, and replace the mods.yaml in the ra folder (remember to make a backup of your original mods.yaml file first).

That's it, done!

(Alternative method detailed in the zip).
Team Turkey RA Mod
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Re: Team Turkey

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Original and intresting ideas to team =)

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