Traits "Health" & "Harvester" changeable by condition?

is there a way to modify/change health of a unit and harvest speed or at least BaleUnloadDelay from actors?

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Traits "Health" & "Harvester" changeable by condition?

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in the Trait list i see no way to change the Max Health (HP) value of an actor.
Same thing goes for Harvester, i see no way via conditions or prerequisites to change the harvesting speed or unload speed of harvesters.

is there any way?

one workaround i can imagine is to replace the whole unit with the "KillsSelf" Trait.
Or with the "Transforms" Trait but then you manually need to trigger the transformation, or is there a way to autmatically transform an actor with LUA?

so bottom line: is there a way to modifie Max HP Values of actors and the Harvest speed?
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Re: Traits "Health" & "Harvester" changeable by condition?

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There is no way to do either of those without using a workaround or custom code.

Killself with a condition & "Transform" DamageTypes, then SpawnActorOnDeath with the "Transform" DamageType would be one way of working around it.

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Re: Traits "Health" & "Harvester" changeable by condition?

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You should be able to mimic Health pool changes with DamageMultiplier though.

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