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My own map with LUA

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:01 pm
by Alley
This LUA thing has been so difficult for me so I felt that good when I was going to be successful in making something with it. This made me even to try participating in a contest which did not go well for me because of ridiculous time limits in my life but I decided to show it anyways. You can see my latest AI player where I fight against it on "Hard" difficulty and win but my AI can often beat regular AI even on "Normal" difficulty. A video about it can be watched from here! :)
The rules when you are playing this will be the same as for most built-in OpenRA maps so you also can play it also online and with the other players. However, in this map there exist also one additional AI that is always everyone's enemy and you also can set a difficulty level for this AI. In addition to new behavior, this AI is on the second tech level no matter what you select for the selected players and you also can see it when you capture it's Construction Yard. This AI also have technology from the old and original Red Alert so it's practically always a new faction for OpenRA. The country for this AI is Turkey with Turkey's flag also.

From my YouTube channel, you also can see one AI player for OpenRA that I created previously :)