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Re: Bold Balance Playtest Maps

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I will be taking a hiatus from openra, for at least a year. But I found one final unfinished map I wanted to share with you.

The Idea was to create a map which tells you what you are doing wrong (from the perspective of optimal competitive play) in a 1v1 situation. For example not deploying your mcv fast enough, not building units while floating chash or having "ineffective" harvesters. Planned later even with voice comments of well known casters. I think it should run on release-20180307.
I didn't want to create this map alone and several attempts at working together with other people and high level players failed (because they are slouches ;) ). So I put that one aside.

I will not provide any support whatsoever but if you are interested, then do whatever you want with it!

(I will only read PMs)
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Re: Bold Balance Playtest Maps

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Greetings Commanders,

I have finally returned! My one-year-hiberation has ended. To be honest I was looking forward to get modding again :)

First thing first, I wanted to update my old modmaps so they will continue to work in the future.
I was pleasently surprised how easy the update process was, I had expected a lot more hassle!.. Guess not much did change ;P
I noticed a bunch of improvements, obviously

So here is a slightly changed UOEv008 with inspirations from the remaster:
Changes since UOEv007:
  • Changed naval move speed on water to 80% (-20%), the openRA defacto standard for "normal" speed. Also, Naval units in the original were much slower and it did not seem reasonable that a medium tank is slower than a destroyer.
  • Fixed price reduction calculation error :) Radar dome is now really only 17% cheaper.
  • If you are interested the attached text filecontains a full list of all changes (Sir, theres alot of them)
    All the details.
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I will continue modding for some indefinite time, my focus will be on Dune2k again so keep an eye out for that!
Glad to be back,
Sir Cake

Check out Dune2k-Advanced on my moddb page!

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Re: SirCake's Mod/map Haven

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part two of my map update was much more work than the UOE maps! Didn't expect that!
Anyway, it's done :)

Dive into a short visit to Dune with those vsMission maps, which are all non-standard to play. You play vs another player,
but everyone has their own, asymmetric objectives.

By far the best one is, which can be played 1v1, 2v1 or 2v2.
Quick five minute or less 1v1 battles on, can you figure out how to win as each faction?

If you are now hooked, there are two more 1v1 vsMissions:

and one 3 player free-for all with an interesting twist

Have fun !

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