Flamewh33l's insanity tests

Modding balanced maps and seeing the result of broken units

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Flamewh33l's insanity tests

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greetings all to this post:

as you are aware of the title, this is where i do stupidly insane things to the Red Alert mod official maps that we stop questioning the idea of what happens when we add stupid shit to the game, i'll be looking through the traits in the github manual for OpenRA modding, taking some silly things and putting them on units that you wouldn't expect would happen to have this.

already i had the first revision using Kyrylo's 'Behind The Veil' as a testing ground (other maps will be used for testing, but for the precise moment i'm sticking to Behind The Veil for it's ease of gameplay) to test out what happens when you give Rifle men a new set of 'gifts' that being a new assault rifle with grenade launcher attachment; i tried my best to model the design ingame to feel kinda like the real thing,for example: the Soviet rifleman are equipped with the attempt of a realistic AK47 assault rifle with M70AB2 grenade launcher, bullets travel slower than the counterpart of the Allies, that being the M16A4 Assault rifle with M203 grenade launcher but do more damage.

http://resource.openra.net/maps/17879/ - this is the first revision and i have a more updated one, that one has stuff done to the vehicles but if your just interested in seeing what the hell i've done, do so. (oh, and the idea is to see how broken we can get the game using this style of modding while using familiar maps that we all know and love, so don't be trying to say 'you fucking broken it, Flame' as that is the whole point of this).

this is really just for a laugh and a joke, it is not for serious gameplay, so do not take it in the sightliest as 'serious gameplay' because even broken things can have consequences for those using them in a serious manner, though we encourage you to be adventurous about what this hole of absolute stupidity and madness has to offer.

enjoy the gameplay to be had and i'll keep making more revisions in my own time when i can figure out what other crazy inventions people want to see, who knows, maybe i may turn an attack dog into a nuclear device and make it so you have to get the dog safely to the enemy without it dying or all hell breaks loose; just a thought but hopefully you'll enjoy it. stay safe all :D

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