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Phoenix Chronicles

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Moddb Page
PPM Announcement Thread

This is long overdue. I've been working on the prototype for this mod for a week or so. I have an announcement thread over at PPM and a moddb page. Essentially, my mod seeks to push the bounds of the OpenRA engine. I won't spend much time explaining the backstory here, the moddb page will have lore articles posted from time-to-time.

The setting is after a great war between the heroic resistance and two sinster world-dominating superpowers, the reconstruction of society has begun. On one side we have the Aegis Initiative. An organization created by the resistance to create and secure settlements for people to gather and live in. Some would say they're here to create order from the chaos, others would say they're just trying to finish what their former enemies started. On the other side, we have Manticore. They seek to undo Aegis' corruption and create a loose confederation of nomads. Some would say they want to keep the world in chaos, others would say they're heroically fighting against tyranny.

Aegis will function similarly to how you'd expect from a C&C faction, with base contruction and what not. They'll be defined by their defensive capabilities. Manticore will have a caravan instead of a base that will be mobile. Mobility will be their greatest strength but also their biggest weakness.

My prototype currently is a fairly working game with the building systems somewhat laid out with a preliminary arsenal all using RA1 placeholder graphics. However I'll probably be scrapping this in favor of an isometric setup since I recently was contacted by a interested voxel artist, Agent Z over on PPM. That leaves terrain work though. I'm still looking for someone to help out with that. Given that, everything's set to make this mod a reality.

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