Installed Mods FATAL ERROR

Every mod I install crashes

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Installed Mods FATAL ERROR

Post by VladKA »

Aside from the three vanilla mods (cnc, d2k and ra), no other mod I install works. The icon appears on the mod selection screen, but when I choose it it just crashes and gives me a fatal error. I'd very much like to fix this, as I was looking forward to trying out a new ra2 mod.

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Graion Dilach
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The ts and the ra2 mods are against the bleed they're paired with in the source and will not work with your playlist/release version.

Most other mods are probably outdated.
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Post by Angusm3 »

usually modders should include a version number on their mod, which will tell you which version of OpenRA that it's been built for. OpenRA has gone through lots of changes that modders have to make alterations for every time there is a new version to keep up, so using the wrong version might be the problem.

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