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OpenRA C&C3 Mod

Post by Anthrax »

I'm planning a C&C3 Kane's Wrath (modified, of course) mod for OpenRA.

The current plan is to extract the models and their textures from the C&C3/KW game files, import and pose them in 3DSMax, and then render them as sprite frames/for .SHPs.

The only kink in my plan ie the units' animations: is there any way of keeping the models' animations intact during the extraction procedure? Bibbers Tool, IIRC, doesn't take the animation data.

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Post by xan2622 »

Hello Anthrax and welcome to these forums.

A few months ago I also wanted to work on a similar mod. :)
So, I searched for lots of documentation and informations about the file formats.

Here is what I found: ... ed-432014/ ... ding-cnc3/ ... view&id=44 ... i-can-find ... ta-format/ ... -extractor

Unfortunatelly, due to EULA, license and copyright issues, I think it's forbidden (or at least, not adviced at all) to port Command and Conquer 3 to OpenRA.

But but.. there are other teams of modders who did similar projects:
- Red Alert on the Red Alert 3 engine: ... 6#imagebox
- Red Alert on the Starcraft 2 engine:
- Red Alert isometric :

I think if you recreate all CnC3 models in 3D and port them to SHPs or VXL files, you'll be fine.

But keep in mind that OpenRA won't be able to offer (nor host) original CnC3 assets. You could still host your mod on another website/FTP if you want.

The best way to talk about this project (and OpenRA in general) is to use our IRC channel :

See you (on IRC I hope)

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