[MOD] Command and Conquer: Revisioned

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[MOD] Command and Conquer: Revisioned

Post by Generalcamo »

So, I was recently playing some classic Tiberian Dawn, especially the single player. And I thought: Why don't I turn this game more into what we saw in the cutscenes? And then I thought: Why don't I also add all of those cool units we found in beta? So, I set out to do this stuff, and I came across even more ideas to make Tiberian Dawn more fun and fleshed out.

Here are a few things I was thinking of:

Realistic Physics: Bullets kill in just a few hits, but are inaccurate, units have real-world stats, etc.
Addition of SubFactions: Tired of plain old GDI and Nod? How about you play as the Black Hand and Talon Force?
Addition of cut units: Microwave tanks disable vehicles, and even have a chance of unmanning them for your personal use. Also, the X-O Wolverine is a powerful walker prototype capable of destroying entire armies, if it isn't destroyed of course.
Upgrade System: Give your soldiers those new NBC suits! Upgrade your vehicles with new Armour Piercing Bullets! Give those buggies some deadly tiberium ammo!

Would anyone be interested in a modification like this? I already have half of it implemented, I just need to balance it and get the other half in.

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Post by Petrenko »


how did you manage to get upgrades?
Hail to the soviets!

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Post by Generalcamo »

That's a plan. This is the framework. It needs to be done with code if you need to know though.

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Post by Matt »

Post something on Github so people can try it and send you pull requests to improve it.

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Post by psydev »

Personally I am not a fan of realism. I really like the idea of factions, though.

I made a mod a while ago called CNCplus. I stopped working on it because I went back to school. It has some neat units. http://cncplus.tumblr.com

Part of the reason for playing the mod was to be a testbed to see what changes would be good to introduce for regular CNC. (I like trying new things, but was conservative in introducing changes to the main game.) I wanted to make factions for CNCplus, and maybe even introduce them to the regular CNC game. I planned on only having one or two unique units per faction, and maybe give each faction a couple small changes (lower costs for infantry say, or some modified unit stats).

Such a mod might look like:

GDI faction 1:
Jump Jet Infantry (flies, does extra damage vs. buildings)
Detector Vehicle (detects cloaked units at range ~10)

GDI Faction 2:
Armored Infantry (à la Zone Trooper. Good vs armor; can board helicopter)
Scout Trike (Detects cloaked units at close range. Has weak AA gun)
(alternatively: F-35 joint strike fighter)

Nod Faction 1:
Kane's Light (obelisk laser tank)
Stealth Scout Sniper (Detects cloaked units at close range. Cloaked while stationary.)

Nod Faction 2:
Purifier (weaponized tiberium-spraying tank)
Stealth Generator (Vehicle. Cloaks nearby units. Detects cloaked units)

I would want to use the Tech Center building as a pre-requisite for some of these units.
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Post by bellator »

you're free to use units that I've made for my mods; i think many of them are entirely fitting in a realistic cnc mod.

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Post by Generalcamo »

Thanks for that initial support. Right now, I am adding in Bullet Physics and whatnot. I am using stock code right now, just to see what I can do. The results are working really well, but slightly buggy. I will post pictures when I feel like it is ready.

Bellator, psydev, thanks for that. I have plans for some of those SHPs.

Also, "Realism" is to be taken lightly. This isn't a real world mod, this is a realistic mod. Expect the tiberium, and the units (including the mammoth tank). I might even branch out into some crazy stuff, as I plan some new tech buildings. This mod only adds new units that fit into the scope of the original game. Don't expect a "T-60" tank, but expect a "Bradley" perhaps.

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Post by Generalcamo »

I've been working on this mod for a while now. I have a github open, but there isn't much on it right now, so I will post that later.

Right now, here is what I have:

New Tech Buildings
Oil Refinery (Gives you income. Slower then Oil Derrick, but gives a lot more)

Warehouse (Gives you old, but useful, units)
Units in the warehouse include:
Heavy Tank (Old soviet tank, is slower then the versatile medium tank, but has twice the firepower)
Phase Tank (Early Version of the Stealth Tank. Takes a while to cloak, and doesn't have great armor, but it is significantly more powerful then the stealth tank)
Volkov (Reactivated Cybernetic infantry. Has resistance to most anti-infantry weapons, and is unable to be crushed. Has a build limit.)
Demolition Truck (A remote controlled vehicle, these were used by both the allies and the soviets in the last great war. Now you can use the stockpile of them left behind)

ICBM Missile Silo (So many of these were left behind in the last great war. Although they are less powerful then current warheads, they are quicker to reload)

Gameplay Changes:
Infantry will be made useful in addition to vehicles.
Infantry will have a large sight radius, and be very cheap
Infantry will be extremely vulnerable to bullets, but bullets now have inaccuracy
Rifle Infantry will be fast, and will be able to detect stealth. But they don't have much armour.
The new infantry class, Officers, are special. They are predominantly anti-infantry, slower then rifle infantry, but they may have special abilities, specific to each faction.
Rocket Infantry are designed to be anti-tank. They have a larger range then the sight radius of most tanks, and can take them out easily. But they have no anti-infantry weapons, and take a while to reload.
Vehicles are going to be expensive to train, and most of them do not have a large sight radius. Most of them will be specialized, and not multi-purpose. However, there are exceptions.
Scout vehicles have a large sight radius, and are generally fast. However, their weaponry and armour suffers.
Tanks are designed to be deadly against most targets. They can take out other tanks, structures, and vehicles. But they generally have a long reload time, and a vulnerability to rockets and missiles
Artillery is generally inaccurate. However, in terms of raw firepower, they are the best units you will find.
Air units have powerful weaponry. But missiles and some defences will be able to take them out quite easily

Brotherhood of Nod
Rifleman: Armed with an AK-47. Fires fast, but has a lot of inaccuracy.
Officer: Armed with a PKM. Fires extremely fast, but has a huge amount of inaccuracy. Excellent against groups of infantry though.
Rocket Infantry: Armed with an RPG. Unable to track targets, but fast and can fire over walls.
Engineer: Armed with a pistol, Captures structures. Not that exciting, but useful in many situations.
Flamethrower: Armed with a flamethrower. Can take out structures, vehicles, and infantry, but is weak and when killed causes friendly fire.
Chemical Infantry: Armed with a Tiberium Goo Sprayer. While not as effective against structures, it can easily destroy infantry, vehicles, and even tanks to a certain degree. It also doesn't cause as much friendly fire as the Flamethrower, but may spawn Viceroids.
Mercenary Commando: Nod usually uses mercenaries for their fight. This commando is fast, armed with a sniper rifle, and able to take out structures with C4. But he doesn't have that much armour.

Attack Buggy: one of the two scout vehicles available to Nod, this unit is armed with a 50 Caliber machine gun, which rips infantry to pieces. It is also effective against other light vehicles.
Attack Bike: The other scout vehicle available to Nod, this unit is armed with Modified Hydra missiles, which enables it to be effective against Vehicles and Aircraft. In numbers, it can also raid tanks and buildings, but has extremely weak armour.
Bradley Light Tank: A cheap and unreliable unit, this tank was converted from IFVs. However, it does have speed unlike most tanks, and has a slightly larger sight radius.
Flame Tank: The premier anti-structure unit, this vehicle can tear structures down in seconds if left unattended to. However, it does not have a turret, and doesn't have much range. It also has a large amount of friendly fire if destroyed
Howitzer: This unit is adapted from old pieces used by the Allies of the last great war. This unit, unlike other artillery, actually has quite a bit of accuracy. However, the projectile is slow, and as such is vulnerable to fast vehicles.
Stealth Tank: Also known as Ezekiel's Wheel, this tank has light armour. But is stealthed, and is pretty fast.
Apache: Armed with a 50mm cannon, this unit makes short work of infantry and light vehicles. It also has a Rocket Artillery battery, allowing it to take on structures, but doesn't have the accuracy to take on tanks.

Black Hand:
Rifle Infantry: Armed with an MP5, the Black Hand actually trains their infantry before handing them their weapon. This nets them more accuracy, but a slightly lessened rate of fire.
Officer: The Black Hand is reluctant to give any of their elite infantry a heavy weapon that would slow them down in a raid. Officers are instead given a M4 Carbine, which nets them accuracy and speed unlike most officers, but the weapon isn't much better then the MP5. However, they do have a long sight range.
Rocket Infantry: RPG-7s are not the preferred weapon of the Black Hand. Black Hand Elites are given Carl Gustav rifles and Redeye missile launchers instead. The Carl Gustav does not have tracking capabilities, and cannot fire above walls, but is more powerful then the RPG-7, and also has a longer range. The Redeye missile launcher is less powerful then the RPG-7, but can track targets. It does have minimum range though, as it needs time to arm.
Engineer: Black Hand engineers have more armour then most counterparts, along with their pistol.
Chemical Warrior: This unit is cheaper then the one used by regular Nod forces, and is available extremely early compared to the regular one. They are also immune to Tiberium unlike the other one.
Chameleon Spy: Black Hand operatives prefer having their attack route mapped out before attacking. The Chameleon Spy uses Lazarus shield technology to blend into their surroundings, allow them to scout an area easily, and infiltrate buildings easily too. However, they are unarmed, so if detected, they can be killed easily.
Stealth Commando: Black Hand forces have figured out a way to make the Lazarus shield technology used by Stealth Tanks more mobile. Stealth Commandos are armed with an M4 Carbine, and C4, but they take a while to cloak, and are slightly slower then most commandos.

Attack Trike: Armed with a Machinegun and a small Rocket launcher, this unit isn't as fast as the Attack bike or buggy, but is armed with both of their weapons, on a slightly more armoured frame.
APC: Black Hand forces prefer using the APC, which is armed with a heavy machine gun allowing them to raid bases easily with their powerful infantry.
Scorpion Medium Tank: Black Hand forces hate using converted vehicles, instead preferring to make their own vehicles. This unit isn't as fast as the Bradley, but it does have a good sight range, and good armour to boot.
Chemical Tank: The Black Hand isn't afraid to use Tiberium Weaponry in the front lines. This unit doesn't have the friendly fire that the Flame Tank has, and is just as powerful thanks to a modified compound. But it does have the risk of Viceroids.
SSM Launcher: A fearful weaponry, the SSM launcher is the most powerful and long ranged artillery in the game. But it has a huge inaccuracy, and take a long time to reload.
Stealth Tank: No changes, except for some more armour
Microwave Tank: One of the most obscure and expensive tanks in the game, this unit will fire a microwave beam, that disables tanks for a time. The electricity will arc around multiple units in a group, making this effective against groups. After two hits however, it will unman effected units, allowing Black Hand infantry to capture that vehicle. But it has weak armour, and is useless against infantry and air units. (Note, currently this just destroys tanks due to lack of support for either EMP or unmanning)
Comanche: An experimental helicopter, this unit is fast and well armoured. It is armed with a chaingun and hydra missiles, allowing it to destroy armies quickly. But it suffers against vehicles.

Global Defence Initiative
Rifle Infantry: Armed with a GAU-3 Eliminator, this unit is able to take out infantry easily. It is slow firing, but accurate.
Officer: Armed with an M60, this unit is accurate and fast firing. It moves slower then rifleman, but if in range, it can take them out quickly.
Rocket Infantry: Armed with an AT4, this unit fires unguided rockets at ground vehicles. It is also armed with a Stinger missile launcher, which has minimum range, but can track targets.
Grenadier: Armed with High-Explosive Grenades, this unit is effective against groups of infantry and light vehicles. It can also damage light structures. This unit is also faster then most infantry. However, it can cause friendly fire if it dies.
Engineer: GDI engineers are armed with a pistol. Just like Nod Counterparts.
Commando: Armed with a Ramjet Rifle, this unit can take out any infantry in one hit. It can even take out light vehicles after a few hits.

Humm-Vee: Armed with a heavy machine gun, this unit can tear apart infantry quickly, but suffers against vehicles.
Armoured Personnel Carrier: Can carry troops, and is armed with a heavy machine gun
Medium Tank: The premier tank, this tank is the best tank on the battlefield in terms of firepower, armour, and speed combined. A jack of all trades, this unit is versatile. However, it has no way of destroying air units. Also, it has pretty much no sight range at all.
MRLS: This is a special artillery. Unlike other artillery pieces, this one fires missiles that hit a target directly. This makes it effective against all units and buildings, even air units. However, it doesn't have great armour, and it doesn't have splash damage either.
Mammoth Tank: The more powerful tank in the entire game in terms of firepower. Slow, but armed with heavy 120mm cannons and missile launchers. Can take out an entire base if left alone. But, it has low sight range, and is expensive, so it must be escorted.

Steel Talons Strike Force: (Most units are more expensive then their counterparts. This is shared throughout the entire faction, forcing a player to be conservative)
Rifle Infantry: Armed with a Cobretti AR-70, this rifleman can take out high rates of fire compared to most infantry, and still keep a reasonable amount of accuracy.
Officer: The only infantry armed with a Minigun, this officer has the highest rate of fire of any officer in the game.
Combat Engineer: Armed with a machine pistol and training, this unit can help you capture that tech building first!
Grenadier: Armed with a Vervack 40mm AG79K1 Kestral Automatic Grenade Launcher, this unit can fire grenades pretty fast and far. It also has no chance of friendly fire.
Rocket Soldier: Armed with an experimental rocket launcher, the Steel Talons rocket soldier can dish out high rates of fire. In addition, the rockets track, and can destroy both air and ground units. However, it does need to arm.
Assault Commando: Steel Talons gives their commandos many things. In addition to C4, they are armed with an accurate Tactical Rifle and a Rocket Launcher, giving them a jack of all trades role in combat. However, they suffer in speed.

Tactical Hummer: The first of some crazy ideas, the tactical hummer is designed to be a hit-and-run unit. Armed with a laser turret that annihilates infantry, it is also armed with a missile pod that can fire either TOW missiles or Stinger missiles at a target, therefore, making this a jack of all trades. It even has room for some infantry, that can fire out of it. It is vulnerable to missiles and tanks though, and rocket infantry can take care of it too.
Adv. Medium Tank: Steel Talons took the existing medium tank, and improved it. Slightly less speed, but more firepower.
MRLS: Same as base faction.
Adv. Mammoth Tank: Less speed, more armour and firepower.
XO Powersuit: The pinnacle of innovation, the XO powersuit is the most powerful unit in the battlefield. It is armed with a missile launcher and a chaingun, giving it ample firepower for any situation. It is also faster then most tanks. However, it doesn't have much armour, so care should be taken around anti-vehicle units.

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Post by psydev »

Wow, that's quite the big idea. A lot of work =)
I had an idea for a simple faction division for the main build. (There should probably be an option to turn off factions, if people want.)

GDI 1 (default)
Vehicle cost -15%

GDI 2 (elite armor)
Vehicle firepower +10%
Vehicle HP +10%
Factory cost -20%
Field mechanic that can repair vehicles

Nod 1 (default)
Infantry cost -20%
Infantry build time -20%

Nod 2 (elite troops)
Infantry firepower +15%
Infantry HP +15%
Tiberium resistance (damage to infantry from tiberium reduced to 25%)
Medic unit
Chem Warriors heal in tiberium?

And maybe:
GDI 3 (air superiority)
Each communications centre provides an additional airstrike support power (up to max. 3)
Air units cost -15%
Air units build time -10%
Helipad cost -20%

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