Fake defensive structures

Possibility of adding pillbox, gun turret and AA gun to fake structures

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Fake defensive structures

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I'm not a multiplayer god or anything (Am bad) and perhaps I'm missing something, but would adding fake versions of some defensive structures present any interesting choices or situations in multiplayer games, and or would it be considered imbalanced or a waste of time? Allied structures only and not including the Camouflaged Pillbox.

I thought in particular about an opponent spotting a fake AA Gun and deciding to not attack an area with a Mig/Yak or avoiding a troop rush because of one or two fake Pillboxes.

I think I saw discussion about this awhile back but forget how it ultimately went, would like some fresh insight from anybody here.

Two sort of related things: Silos and the M.A.D. Tank

Silos are basically irrelevant due to the "Floating" of extra credits being undesirable and not really a common occurrence, needing the defensive structure tab free for actual defensive structures, and the refineries high credit storage limit (2000).

Would the game be any better with silos becoming something like unthievable credit storage, while the refinery storage limit is significantly lowered? Would this add an extra dimension to gameplay or would it just ruin the pace and be an annoyance?

Lastly, the M.A.D. Tank, this is basically only viable when the player either has access to both sides tech trees or has an allied player with the opposite tech tree, teleporting this unit into a base then deploying is like a super nuke, but it doesn't feel right for any unit to only be useful so rarely.

Could this unit be redeveloped for a similar mechanic but made more broad in usefulness? Give it some sort of directional ground slam in a cone that retains the damage per second against enemy and friendly units, without the self destruct?

That is all basically.

*I know I had an older account for this forum, but I've since lost the credentials (I don't even remember the username) so I had to create another.

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