AT Cry Baby defeated players chatting tips

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Horrendous Aids
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AT Cry Baby defeated players chatting tips

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I thought chatter was turned of for those defeated but a chap named AT cried when he lost to me and told others players my position. Is this going to be updated incase anymore babies thrown their dummies out?

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Re: AT Cry Baby defeated players chatting tips

Post by abcdefg30 »

Dead players become spectators, and spectators can write in all chat. So there's not much we can do (other than disabling all chat for every spectator...) The only option is probably to just ignore/kick such players when finding/creating a game.

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Re: AT Cry Baby defeated players chatting tips

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Its always a shame to read about a player being so sour over a loss. I would always ignore anything such a player typed as it comes from somewhere toxic and is of dubious value. I dont think i would even waste a rifle scout to find out. I wouldnt want to. People cant help but be who they are during the games they play if its 40k or red alert etc and remember you would not want to be them. I had my first game in a couple of weeks the other night and when i set up a 1v1 game and waited for prey a player jumped in and typed some insult and left. They did it to others aswell but there was no harm done and like i said you wouldnt want to be someone like that. For that to go through their mind then seem like a good, worthwhile idea there has to be something not quite right. Theres a racist player that makes an appearance now and then. They like to make negative comments. As if being a fool to a 70 year old lie is anything other than pathetic and anti human but reacting wont help they want a reaction and a racist controlling me is also laughable. Just send the bad examples to someone that will post them online.

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