Github decoding help request

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Github decoding help request

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Re: Github decoding help request

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Hello Ronald,

1. best you look at closed pull requests - those are little or big packages one or more authors have contributed to the project. See: ... s%3Aclosed you can look at the author and reviewers and you get a good idea who was working on those topics recently.
This will only cover coders of course, other productive community members like forum moderators, tournament organizers, system sponsors or streamers will fall short.

2. Why would you want to do that? Seems like not worth it.

4. Some people prefer to start with the art/assets, others mod and reuse existing models only to create a Mod. Starting with art is a good strategy to keep up motivation througouth the creation proecess. You can look into software development models like prototyping, spiral model, iterative approach as well (google those). (Or product development in general). Only teams with a lot of exp and determination can create a good product with the linear approach draft->development->release like you suggest. More probable is getting stuck at some point because it is too hard to do it the pre-planned way.
(i.e. your drawing may be of too high quality to actually recreate in blender)

I'd suggest making a plan/idea, then figuring out the smallest unit of change you can achieve in the game which will get you closer to accomplishing the plan. Realize that small change, verify the result, then build on the knowledge you gathered and adjust the plan from what you have "scouted". Repeat.
If you are doing it right, your end result may not really look like your initial plan, but it will be awesome anyway ("you won the game"). :)

For tools: I'd suggest blender for 3d modeling, openra.utility for converting the sprites and a random text editor for the yamls you need to put that stuff in the game. Blender is the hardest part, but if you want decent results you need a 3d rendering software.
If you wan't to code new unit behaviour, then that immediately becomes the hardest part ;) (don't do it. Or do only that)


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