I expect to get flamed, but...

OpenRa Dune review

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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I expect to get flamed, but...

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Hi everyone,

Just accessed and played a few rounds of this Dune iteration. Runs great, looks great, sounds wonderful.
Plays... um, not like either of the former PC or console versions I played. I read some of the questions/comments other noobs had about this version, and while they sort of touched on my concern, I'm going to flesh this out a bit more.
IMO, all games should be winnable using a variety of strategies and tactics- if they're not, they get old real quick. And for me, that's the fail in this version. If players don't play a specific way, they will lose: Rush/spam infantry, multiple bases, etc.
This game punishes players who prefer to turtle and then attack. A big part of the beauty of the older versions was that, if a player loved to build big honking bases and have long games where rocket turrets were lined up with howitzers behind, saving up 30 Fremen for an end-game attack, he could do that, mostly through a combo of adjusting the difficulty level and careful placement of buildings/defenses.
It seems this iteration was made for players who want to win as quickly as possible. For me, that's just not fun, and fun is why I play games.
So please, realize that I speak for myself only. However, I suspect there's a large, less vocal subset of Dune fans who are still waiting for more of a "remaster" of the Dune experiences of old:
- the AI was fine for us.
- the units were fine for us
- the skirmish feature was fine for us.

Food for thought.

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Re: I expect to get flamed, but...

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The Dune2k mod is feature incomplete and hasn't had any serious look at it's gameplay/balance. I don't think anyone's particularly happy with the current state it's in, but there's no real reason to update the balance until important features are implemented (like the Starport).

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