New to C&C in General

I suppose this would be the typical first post of a newcomer's entry into an old series like this. Which it is. Read if ya want.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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New to C&C in General

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Hi to everyone on this forum! If the topic description hasn't told you, I'm very much new to the C&C-verse and its games - although I am somewhat familiar with the Tiberian side of things; though that's just me absorbing some side information from people who know more than me.

I've recently downloaded OpenRA and several other mods to get a feel of the game as a RTS (I'm more familiar with Starcraft's style though I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to playing that game). So far, its an interesting experience playing against the bots - even when they rush my base with a swarm of infantry and vehicles like a cloud of mosquitos, its a learning experience for me and a bit of frantic fun in trying to repel a swarm.

I hope I do get a chance to play with some people online so hope to meet y'all in a game!

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Re: New to C&C in General

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I recommend joining the community discord, which you can find a link here:

That is where most of the discussion occurs.

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