re: is this a bug?

AI bots don't do anything when I play on single player

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re: is this a bug?

Post by Tharkun2019 »

When I start a skirmish, no matter if I use one bot or seven, the AI builds its MCV-> construction yard and just stops. Is there a setting that I have accidentally turned off?

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Re: re: is this a bug?

Post by Ronald »

Hello Tharkun2019
It would be very helpful to others here, if you post a screenshot (or 2) showing all the [Skirmish] parameters from the
- OpenRA (game-enigine) version number:
- OpenRA MOD (D2k, CnC, RA)
- [players] screen (as in number of bots / bot-types / chosen spawn locations)
- [options] screen (
- The name of the chosen map on which you encounter this phenomena
- (if any: link to the location where others can download your map from)

For example:
It can be possible, that you are using a non-standard map with LUA scripting, which affect the default gameplay.

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