Advertising spam in lobbies

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Internet Cat
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Advertising spam in lobbies

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Just something I noticed today just now...
2021-05-04 - openraspam.png
2021-05-04 - openraspam.png (307.66 KiB) Viewed 174 times
These bots would join a server, spam ad messages for viagra or camgirls, then quit - too fast to be able to react to kick-and-ban. I was eventually able to see that one of them had a Finnish IP address, but I'll bet they're using Tor or some proxy service.

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Re: Advertising spam in lobbies

Post by Sleipnir »

Indeed, this is a known problem that has started in the last few days. There are some ideas on how to address this, but it is likely to be a while before server hosts are able to roll out any direct fixes.

In the meantime, choosing to play on servers that require registered forum accounts should keep your games bot-free.

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Re: Advertising spam in lobbies

Post by thearab »

This is indeed an exhausting issue 😕 We need to have some sort of cool down on leaving a server right after joining it so hosts have the opportunity to ban spammers.

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