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New player server?

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2021 11:47 am
by smellydog
Is this something the team would consider? I know the player counts aren't insane but a training ground of sorts might help newer players get used to the game.

Of course it may as well be a beacon to smurfs .. but I am sure if handled correctly it will help the community. I may even consider hiring a server for this distinct purpose if anyone believes its a good idea.

I am a new and currently bad player myself but I actually enjoy multiplayer in this game - this is from a campaign player who never cared for it in any RTS until last thursday. If OpenRA converted me then it must be pretty darn good.

Re: New player server?

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 5:39 am
by WhoCares
I don't really understand the request.

for new players, there is

1)Skirmish vs ai to grasp the very basic of the game to a certain extent.
2)Lots of video cast on youtube of top players displaying how to effisciently play from min 0 to very late game.
3)An entire discord server with both contents and people dedicated to help new players :
4)In lots of public teamgames, the level is really not high, just by going throug 1) and 2) you can already match up the level.

I really find it odd to want to isolate inexperienced players togather and think that will accomplish anything. Is there a sport or activities where it is common to segragate the newcomers from the rest of the club and let them figure out stuff by themselves ?

Re: New player server?

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:45 am
by smellydog
1) The skirmish AI is undeniably bad. Let's be real about this. I don't deny that Skirmish may be useful for practicing early build orders uncontested, but that's about it. As it stands the AI doesn't cut it at all. No offense to whoever made it but I honestly thought it the script broke when I first played it.

2&3) One of things these small games have to realize is that you're playing with limited player attention. Let's also consider this is a remake of an older game and not the genuine article (as good as it is). Why should a new player have to watch youtube videos and join a discord just so they don't get their cheeks clapped by some guy who has been playing RA95 for 25 years? I know, I know - 'Then don't play if its too hard' - Yeah, many have taken that advice, hence the low player counts.

Match the noobs with the noobs and the player base could grow -- just one look at the games page and you can see this game doesn't pull the numbers CNCnet's RA does for example, even though this engine is far superior and the balance has improved significantly. So what does CNC net have, aside from the marketing advantage of the 'CNC' name?

4) Sure - but why not have some 'Noob' servers so that games aren't accidently stacked?

I don't know why you find it odd. It is pretty common to match players up in terms of skill in other games. Plenty of RTS & Sports have leagues that separate player skill so that more even matches are produced. Starcraft comes to mind.

OpenRA has an issue with low player count, which is bizarre considering it is obviously the superior 'Classic' CNC experience. So shall we consider why this game has a problem gaining traction? I believe it is not actually an accessible game as a whole. Sure, it is easy to -actually- play it on a basic level but management wise it is severely lacking. You would think this game would be exploded due to the CNC Remasters, especially considering it is actually FREE but here we are - 20 concurrent players.

Tldr; The proof is in the pudding is in the player count.

Re: New player server?

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:01 am
by i like men
Of course activity could be higher, but it is also very time zone dependant.

Re: New player server?

Posted: Sun May 02, 2021 2:34 am
by Dr. Schmock
Well, wouldn't do any harm to put up a server named "New Player Server". The question is: What do you believe would be the right thing to get new players to use the server? A function that limits the first x games to a single server is out of question. If you - however - you would just put up a popup when entering the server-lobby, some might check if a server with this name exists and got players. If it is empty and other servers are populated, they are likely to join the other servers. If they join the "New Players" Server and some of the other (often a bit spare) players see it, it is again likely that a more experienced player may join. What to do about it? Ban people who have more than x-games on the server? Even if you consider it: Skillcurves differ from each other; and since stats are nearly not collected, you don't have any other value.
All of these things would require someone to do it, many of the ways to "advertise" and use such a server seem to be a bit underwhelming, and i don't believe it is to likely that people would use it as intended.

Re: New player server?

Posted: Mon May 03, 2021 10:26 pm
by melons
I think hosting a game and telling people its for beginners and choose a relative map would be your best bet or look at setting a handicap