Nasty scaling issue in 4k monitor

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Nasty scaling issue in 4k monitor

Post by Kyle2k10 »

New to the site and with a tremendous problem.

- Installed OpenRA to play Dune 2000, installed the extra files from my (old) original CD.
- The game opened correctly, but the resolution was not native to my monitor (4k, 3840x2160).
- After editing the settings for this resolution, the game presented a huge scale problem, where a small section of the opening screen map, enormously enlarged, was shown (occupying the entire screen) and the game menu was no longer visible (apparently "off" the screen). I can't click on anything and the keyboard doesn't work.
- Tried the compatibility mode, to no avail. And I can't find any INI or CONFIG files in the game folder to edit and correct this problem.
- Uninstalling and reinstalling OpenRA in another location also didn't work: the problem remains every time I launch the program.

Need help, thanks in advance.

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Re: Nasty scaling issue in 4k monitor

Post by abcdefg30 »

Our "settings.yaml" configuration file is in the "OpenRA" folder in AppData ("%APPDATA%\OpenRA\"). I'd just try deleting the file and then the game will start up with the default configuration.

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Re: Nasty scaling issue in 4k monitor

Post by Sleipnir »

OpenRA does use the native resolution of your monitor, but note that the window size option in the settings menu may not work the way you are thinking. The width and height are in scaled coordinates, so that e.g. a 1920x1080 sized window will have the same size on a 1080p or 4k monitor, but with everything being twice as crisp on the 4k (otherwise the window would become half sized and become unusably small).

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