Dune2000 - Concrete

A possible solution for this?

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Dune2000 - Concrete

Post by Sephiroth »

From what I'm seeing.. the community is uncertain as what to do with "concrete".

The Ai won't place it? I doubt this.. someone just hasn't gotten around to enforcing it.
You coders/modders out there know exactly what I'm talking about, don't pretend just to sweep it under a rug.

Why not just add a 2nd life bar? one for armor on buildings, an allow the concrete to be placed even after a building is placed.
You already allow for placement under units which originally used to block this, so this shouldn't be that much harder.

Don't like that idea? fine.. then allow it to add the armor for new buildings placed ontop of it. So this adds an upgrade pathway.
In the meantime remove the damage to buildings placed without concrete until you can come up with a solution.

This shouldn't be all that hard for the community.. you got all the other games this far along and you managed to get the attention of
the original C&C Crew at Petroglyph.

Surely even if others don't have a few ideas.. their team would on this solution.

An no I'm not trying to be rude or whatever.. theres always one person who tries that card.
Thanks for all the other stuff meanwhile.
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