OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

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OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by Lassar »

Feed up with OpenRa lying about several missions being easy,
when, you use the "easy option".

Several missions are impossible, using the easy option.

Example : "On top of the world".

Have looked at the map of "On top of the world".
half a dozen times. (using the map editor)

Tried it a couple dozen different ways.

Put the speed to slowest.

Nothing helps.

It's definitely not easy using the easy option.

Turrets are not supposed to have a
longer range than rocket launchers.

Are you supposed to get, only one spy run, and bomber run?

Also in this latest version there are several missions, that have
script errors.

One of them is Evacuation.

In it after several minutes you get a script error.

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Re: OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by Matt »

Can you upload the lua.log of the crashed missions? See ... st-crashed

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Re: OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by Sleipnir »

The crash in Evacuation is known and has already been fixed on the development branch for the next release.

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Re: OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by hamb »

Regarding "Top of the World"

I agree, it is way too difficult on easy. I haven't bothered trying normal/hard because of that. I can complete the original/remaster mission on normal just fine.

There's two problems with our version:
- OpenRA balance is not the original balance. It feels like the unit compositions are the same, but by the time I'm near the gap generator I'm noticeably more wrecked in OpenRA's version.
- Spy plane / Parabombs are not re-usable, when they are in the original.

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Re: OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by WhoCares »

Problem with openra missions, when the difficulty seems "too hard" you always end up to abuse AI or game mechanics to succeed.

Top of the world is very easy once you did few attempts and understood how to pass the few problems.

the following is a SPOILER of the mission

You can ignore half of the map and go straight for the main road. You just need to kill all the AA guns. once all the aa gun are down, you should have your army pretty much unhurt except maybe few dogs or grens dead (and as they are useless it is not a problem, you finally found a use for them). you just "blindly" fire a V2 across the river where all the ennemy tanks and arties are waiting for you and fall back far away behind your own tanks. They will stupidly chase that V2, they will not retarget and finally kindly move into your army to die for free. Once those are dead, you move across the river, kill the mgg and the remaining tank. by this time you should meet the first reinforcement but your forces are way bigger so not a problem at all. you use your own unit (dogs or other) to get vision on the first turret in the remaining canyon, you V2 it. By this time spy plane and parabomb are ready. just use them to scout the gap generator and parabomb it, you can assure its death with your V2s. Once you have vision on all the turret well .... You have 3 V2s to clean those turret from out of range and still 5 tanks to escort your cargo to the win.

So in the over all it takes something like 6 or 8 minutes. It does not require insane micro and it is not really action packed or stressful but i agree it is unlikely you can beat it in one try without knowing the specific or how to abuse it (baiting the main enemy forces to die for free is abusing imo).

I didn't try it in hard but i guess it should not be much more complicated

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Re: OpenRa lying about missions being easy!

Post by SirCake »

You can't expect to beat classic c&c / RA missions in one go. They are much like arcade space shooters, where you try, fail, then memorize the correct pattern and try again ;)

Like solving a puzzle

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