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Red Alert ant mission intro video "not installed"

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 11:06 pm
by anandale
Hey, so I installed open red alert using some disc images I found online, when I use the content installer it says I have everything installed and there's no option to install anything else, however when I click on the ant mission and select the watch intro video button it pops up and error saying the content is not installed. Everything else works fine I should add, even playing the ant mission as far as I can tell, it's just the intro video that doesn't work.

I presume I need a file from the cd rom to install it? But not sure what one.

Re: Red Alert ant mission intro video "not installed"

Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:14 pm
by MustaphaTR
The videos for the expansions missions, including Ant Missions only exist in the PlayStation version (Red Alert: Retaliation). Tho i think they are included in the CnCNet version of the game, so i think you can find them by downloading from and manually putting the files to your content folder.