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Server ranking

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I have been playing OpenRA for over two years and I feel it's also time to give back to the community.
One of the frustrations shared by all (novices and masters alike) is the poor match making. The game is much more fun if you can play against people who are more or less the same level. Another concern is the administrative overhead to maintain events such as RAGL.

To address these issues I would like to extend the software to write events to file to capture (time started, time ended, participants, winner, map,..). This file could be processed offline to (1) compile a basic server-local ranking and (2) update a tournament fixture and ranking.
To prevent basic cheating, only games with 'registered' players and without bots would be processed.

I wrote this without too much prior investigation, maybe some initiatives are already ongoing or have been abandoned in the past - I am not aware.

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Re: Server ranking

Post by Ronald »

Great initiative Spetsnaz84!

Can it be made possible to use OpenRA player profiles (with achieved ranks or gained XP, badges, championship reward)
as reference for a better matchmaking algorithm? as in my current frame of reference is DICE's Battlefield3?
1. Start OpenRA locally on your own computer.
2. Login to the OpenRA multiplayer server network with either:
- OpenRA_ID
- OpenRa UserId + Password

3. OpenRA_userprofile get fetched and used for serversided matchmaking between players.
4. OpenRa match is being played / won / lost.
5. Scores / xp-points / achieved new ranks are added to player_profile and stored (locally / on central server)
6. User logs-off again from the Open OpenRA multiplayer server network.
7. User shuts down OpenRA locally.

make sure to Include geo-graphical (based in client_ip_adress) matchmaking as well, since "the-thing-called-internet_lag" can instantly kill
any good running local 9as in city / country / continental-wide) OpenRA game and almost automatically excluded "far way multiplayer(s)"
the change to a victory.

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