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RA Cursors for windows

Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 10:21 am
by abcdefg30
Includes most of the cursors used in RA.
To install execute the installRAcursors.inf file (right click -> "Install"). Then head to your mouse settings (settings -> devices -> mouse -> additional options, or whatever that is called in english; the easiest way is to just enter "main.cpl" into the search bar) and open the "Pointers" tab. Select the "RA Cursors" scheme. You can now also customize cursors if you want to deviate from what I set as standard.
If you don't want to run the .inf install file, you can manually add each cursor by going to the panel from above and setting each cursor by hand.

Sadly, I didn't find a recording software that captures animated cursors, so it only shows a still image, but I think you get the idea: