Red Alert Global League: Season 7 - Play of the Season

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Red Alert Global League: Season 7 - Play of the Season

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Play of the Season

Another fun contest dusted off!

Anyone can nominate a game from RAGL Season 7 (here you can download all the games: ... son_Seven/), be it a great overall performance by a player, a nice tactical move, a freak event or anything else you may find interesting in the nominated game.

When nominating the game, you should include its name as it goes in replays archive (i.e. RAGL-S07-MASTER-GROUP-NNG-PUN-G1) and the reason for nomination (possibly with a timestamp if the nomination is for a specific ingame event, so it's easier for others to look for).

Nominations are accepted until ~May 24th or the end of Masters Playoffs (whichever comes later), then there will be a week or so to vote for nominated games, one account = 3 nominations to vote on, RAGL players obviously can't vote for their own plays, also forum accounts created after this thread will be excluded from voting for security measures.

Currently this doesn't include any monetary prizes, but if you want to contribute you can do that via RAGL paypal account (check the info at the end of the rulebook), be sure to add a note that money is for "play of the season".

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