Highlight fractions of a map

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Highlight fractions of a map

Post by Wychwood »

Feature Request

I can't see a way to find the middle or the 1/4 point of a map very easily when in the map editor.

Would it be possible to add a feature roughly demonstrated in the image below to highlight fractions of a map? And where in the instance there is no centre line but instead tiles are in the middle, perhaps highlight both sides of the tiles.

As shown, This feature would create grid lines with a different colour to highlight the fraction of the overall map size chosen.

I would find this pretty helpful when map making, hopefully others would too.


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Re: Highlight fractions of a map

Post by Janitor »

It would be a really nice feature.
Also I've already proposed it on OpenRa discord server.

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Re: Highlight fractions of a map

Post by Printer »

Yes please, this would really help.

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