HELP! how to download

need help download on linux

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HELP! how to download

Post by Mason »

I have played openra on linux 3 or 4 months ago but now i dont know how to install. Back then to install the game you just clicked the all_deb file and it sent you to the software centre. Now the games are seperate (they used to be downloaded all together). My biggest problem is that appimages is 64 bit and the downloads are 64 bit, but i am using a 32 bit machine. I want to get back again because it was one of my favourite rts game.
Thank you.

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Re: HELP! how to download

Post by jaZz_KCS »

OpenRA now uses the AppImage format to make distribution on various Linux platforms as easy as possible.
You will now have to use the AppImage as well. After allowing your distro to open this file as an executable, you will be able to run the AppImage.
Alternatively, there is still the possiblity to build from source, which you can find on the GitHub, as well as in the Downloads section of

As for 32bit compatibility, it has been dropped roughly a year ago.
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Re: HELP! how to download

Post by Sleipnir »

The official AppImages are 64 bit only, but in principle you should be fine if you compile the game yourself from source. Take a look at the instructions on for a starting point.

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