Orca Spam

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Orca Spam

Post by Saerthaera »

Hello, I was wondering if any changes are being planned to the Tiberian Dawn game in OpenRA in order to reduce the ponderous sledgehammer that is Orca spam? At current there is no counterplay to simply building nothing but Orcas, which is obviously a bit of a balance issue.


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Re: Orca Spam

Post by eskimo »

I've not heard or ever seen that. However, zxganon and Orb have their own revisions which changes some thing around. The recent tournment under Orb's build saw next to no Orcas. Our discord holds the links to various info on this.

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Re: Orca Spam

Post by anjew »

Is this in team games or 1v1?

Did you try countering them with APC’s or mobile sams? (In OpenRA the APC and SSM have been repurposed as anti-air)

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Re: Orca Spam

Post by camundahl »

orcas are fragile and are countered with lower end units

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