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Playtest 20180208

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Playtest Discussion

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February brings another playtest as the developers put the pedal to the metal, this builds on top of the previous one which you can read up on here if you haven't already.

The changes affecting gameplay for this playtest are:

  • Fixed bogus sell values and other potential issues with high actor hitpoints. [#14651]
    Sell value calculations have now been tweaked for the inflation of actor hit points brought by last playtest.
  • Fixed UI time/color for queues unaffected by low power. [#14702]
    If there is no slow down applied to a structure as a result of low power then the production timer will remain white rather than red.
  • Fixed husks not showing an owner row in the tooltip. [#14780]
    Husks now show the owner's name.
  • Added MCVs to the AI protection logic. [#14780]
    AI players will now protect MCVs as if they were harvesters or a building.
Red Alert:
  • Updated map pool. [#14768]
    Several maps have been added to/removed from the map pool. It's worth looking at the #issue on this one as it's too much to summarize here.
  • Fixed that mechanics didn't auto-repair most vehicles. [#14663]
    Fix mechanics not fixing many vehicles.
  • Fixed that flamers sometimes explode with a wrong explosion type. [#14751]
    Stops flamethrowers from chain exploding from their visual explosion effect.
  • Reduce minimum range of Artillery and V2 Rocket Launcher. [#14753]
    Minimum range of artillery and V2 has been reduced to 4 cells.
  • Various campaign fixes and improvements. [14772, #14776, 14631]
    Fixed unwinnable game situation in Allies05a, added capturing as a possibility for completing an objective in Soviets06, fixed Soviet Tech Center being attacked automatically in both Allies06 missions.
Tiberian Dawn:
  • Fixed flashing of command bar deploy button in connection with aircraft. [#14730]
    Fixed command bar flashing in TD when deploying aircraft despite having no effect.
  • Reduced value of civilians. [#14753]
    Reduced value of civilians to $10 to prevent players from farming them for XP.
  • Decreased the damage of APCs and increased the health of Obelisks. [#14753]
    APCs now do less damage and Obelisks are now sturdier.
Dune 2000
  • Fixed primary building flag not working properly. [#14700]
    Fixed changing one primary building flag resetting all other factories' primary building flags.
  • Fixed a couple of mission bugs. [#14678, #14658]
    Fixed a crash in Harkonnen 5 and fixed that upgrades were enabled for all second missions.
  • Fixed missing production bar on the High-tech Factory. [#14682]
    High-tech Factory now has a production bar.
  • Fixed the armor type of several structures. [#14690]
    Many structures now have better/different armor.
  • Fixed flashing of command bar deploy button in connection with aircraft. [#14730]
    Fixed command bar flashing in TD when deploying aircraft despite having no effect.
  • Fixed that walls were always visible through through the fog of war. [#14683]
    Walls are no longer visible through the fog of war.
  • Allow Palaces to be primary buildings. [#14661]
    You can now select a primary Palace building.
  • Seperated Imperial and Harkonnen Sardaukars. [#14786]
    The Sadaukar has now been split into Imperial Sadaukars and Harkonnen Sadaukars.
As always, please keep discussions constructive and on topic!
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Post by barf_openra »

Lorrydriver's Fortaste Tournament today will be played on the new playtest for those interested in watching the new changes in action! ... 82&t=20424

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Post by IronScion »

Just watching the foretaste tournament, and it looks like vehicles are crushing with unusually high success. Could be wrong, and it’s just super lucky crushing, but doesn’t look right to me.
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Post by netnazgul »

I think it was just luck, the statistics sample on this is quite small (though effectual of course).

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Post by eskimo »

I can't remember if it was fixed/ attended to before. But found a transport go too far into shore on a game i just played. Also had an engi unable to cap a SD at any angle.

Can provide more details if wanted.

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Post by Blackened »

transports can traverse shore tires (which includes the land muddy bridge looking tiles).

The other sounds like a possible bug tho.

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A new release is out! You can join it's discussion here!

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