Why so few players on TD & especially D2k??

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Mesacer wrote: I also think this pre game lobbying is a big problem for the TD community, I have seen a couple of times when new players join our lobby and stay for a few minutes and then they leave because nothing happened. It will prevent the community to grow.

It doesn't help either when you don't have much time left to play and you just want to play a game fast, when more than half the time spent in the lobby.

Also I never played a game where so many people prefer to spectate than play, why is that?
I agree. I played a few TD matches last week, and it gets pretty annoying.

You'd hope if people want to play they'd join a server, pick a spot/team and press ready. In TD players typically join a server, wait till everybody and their mother picked a team/spot, and instead of finally pressing ready they say something like: "making tea, brb".

Other than that TD is the fast food of RTS: not too much thinking, nice macro and fun airunits that don't need to reload. Who doesn't hate RA when the expensive MIG returns to the wrong airfeild to reload and gets killed by an AA gun?

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I stopped advertising the Dune 2000 mod/remake project https://forum.dune2k.com/topic/24184-op ... ent=392111 because no one really cared. Guess the community is even smaller than Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn plus there is a lot of competition from both https://cncnet.org/dune-2000 and https://d2kplus.com

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