Removing kill bounties from RA

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Sleipnir wrote: There are actually quite a few things that contribute towards score, such as capturing or infiltrating buildings, repairing things, and using supply trucks.
Interesting, I did not know!
Speaking of score, I have watched this game a few days back: ... &id=325997

One of the players is gaining large amounts of score without doing anything combat/capture/infiltration/supply truck related. Maybe a bug? It does not influence the gameplay as far as I can see, but still interesting to observe.

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Graion Dilach
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Haven't looked at the replay myself, but you can gain a lot of score just by repairing your ally's buildings - quite stupid, if you ask me.
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Yes, I confirmed that the score in the replay came from repairing buildings. It seems that the bonus from that needs to be dropped a lot.

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@FiveAces :

Experience added to Player Actor, Statistics

PlayerExperience - statistic <<<<< heres a list of what we have and maybe want

Add foundation for player experience tracking

Enable tracking of player experience in all mods

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