Should the auto-kick be faster?

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Should the auto-kick be faster?

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Should the auto-kick be faster?

Post by zinc »

I would suggest the auto-kick should be faster. I mean players should be given less time before they are kicked. In my experience, if someone's internet is going to sort itself out, it will almost always be sooner rather than later. It's just a waste of time waiting so long when you know a player (very likely) isn't coming back.

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Post by AoAGeneral1 »

Part of the problem with the DC kick is if a player lags badly the kick detection takes to long to pick it up. Its grace period seems to be about 5 seconds. A point where players can lag for about 3 seconds every other frame without the kick detection going in.

Im also not sure how long it takes the kick timer to come into affect but sometimes the game runs smoothly for a min then its reset to 60 seconds for DC timer.

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Graion Dilach
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Post by Graion Dilach »

Yeah, decrease the timer if you want gen2 mods unplayable on multiplayer!

Without getting a fix, decreasing the kick window would trigger a lot of the gen2 MP mod testing sporadic with different PCs with players dropping on game start unrelated to any actual networking issue.
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Post by Sleipnir »

Why not both? It could be extracted to a parameter that the gen2 mods set to a higher value than the shipping gen1 mods.

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Post by lucassss »

I suggest having different timeouts depending on whether you are a spectator or a player and on the total amount of players. I think that specs should have a lower timeout value, and players in a game with many players should have a lower timeout values than players in a game with few players. Admittedly, I'm talking as someone who usually likes to play 1v1 and occasionally has his internet drop for 1min during gameplay.

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