[RA] Faster parabombs ?

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Faster parabombs ?

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Concret wrote: Another way to make the A10's and Parabombs / drops more solid is by letting them always fly in from the same angle, which would be closest to your own base. Or the map-edge that's closest to the Comms centre.

This way you as a player can actually somewhat time the arrival of the airstrike. IE: around your own base = quick, and at the other side of the map = longer. Atleast you can then time it better.

I wouldn't want to decide the angle before every airstrike, since it'll be an extra click ( I assume?)

Not sure if Parabombs should be used on moving units or if it's more for base-bombing. In TD it's a couple of A10's which are per definition used for battlefield attacks. Maybe get a Mig Strike for RA? 8)
The issue with that however is the TD A10s have more damage depending on the angle they go in to strike. One angle does less damage then compared to another angle on certian army compositions and building placements. Coming in at a certain angle each time would cause some innefective airstrikes.

As for the Com Center this has been brought up a few times but the issue can also rely on if the player builds two com centers and where you are placed at depending on the map. Some maps are not symmetrical meaning a player can be spawned at the top east location while the other player is spawned at the bottom west location. (Old Deterring Democracy is one example.)

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Post by Concret »

I agree that the different damage per angle can be seen as a problem, but at the same time I feel that it's part of the airstrike's style. Airstrikes are messy in anyway and rely on angles. If you want specific, use the superweapon.

But I do like to think of alternatives, so here goes:

An option would be to use the napalm only as visuals and have one damage-circle. That way you can always be sure of the dmg in the radius of the target.

On the other hand, as it's now, with a fixed attack angle, a skilled played could work out what attack is most effective. A straight run will basically draw a line of napalm and gun-fire from a specific angle and I can use that to my advantage. As can the enemy. Who can position his AA to fight Airstrikes on his base (or tib-fields)

Comms centre's can be specified as 'primary building' to decide airstrikes.

Example: Opposition has a SAM infront of his tib-field & refinery. I want to bomb his ref + harvesters + tiberium. I build a new comms centre in my expension. Set it to primary and let my airstrike attack from a new angle.

Another benefit I see in specific airstrike angles is that the opponent can become confident about the attack angle as well and that allows you to take him be surprise.

As it stands now an airstrike can come from anywhere at any time, completely random. Which is also fine and has it's value, but then it's acceptable that the damage is also completely random.

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