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Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Easier to block though (whoops)

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pulse wrote: @ACM We're all entitled to opinion. Mine is that this is a terrible update for TD. Perhaps the balance changes made 1v1 matches slightly more tight in principle, but at the same time they completely washed out the dynamics of 2v2 and 3v3 matches.

It's like if I was in a Quake community and one day the rocket launcher reload time would double for balance reasons. I would be just as pissed

Drastic balance changes are never a good thing, especially when the state of the game actually works and works well. If you're going to do balance changes then do them gradually and ask for feedback every step of the way. For me it's now 10 times worse, these changes just lead to increasingly boring and static games. I'm sure I won't convince anyone of doing any changes now that the update is actually out already, so it's easier if I just quit playing

Thanks for all the games
We talked about these changes in the balance thread like 5 months ago. I'm sorry you couldn't be bothered to read it.

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PersianImmortal wrote: I'm sorry you couldn't be bothered to read it.
I agree, that was dumb of me.

The only reason I'm pissed is because the game was great as it was (for me). But hey, it's not my game and it's not my call.

I don't have to like it though.

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pulse wrote: What it does is it turns a dynamic and expansion-based game into a static, tower defense game. I played a number of Tank700 matches and I absolutely hate the gameplay it brings to table. I'm sorry to the developers, I'm sure you put a lot of work into it but I feel it should remain a mapmod and nothing more. I loved the gameplay before this, it was unpredictable and dynamic. With the latest release I'm basically forced to play it for every match and I find this unacceptable. Tank700 ruins everything for me, sorry.

It's true that I was not following the forums much but I certainly expressed my opinion clearly in-game. I'm not sure it would matter anyway

I don't want to bore you with my whining any further

hello OpenRA community,

here is sth i was waiting for just too long to show to you: finally i can present you, which will make you LOVE OpenRA as an well made RTS classic, eventually the best RTS classic ever reverse engineered. And its open, EVERYONE can participate and contribute and share ideas, so why shouldn't i? , finally: here is my try (once again) on improving a very important issue on the TD mod:

First of all, you sure love OpenRA as many do, the community, the ambitious developers and contributors, Streamers, organizers of global leagues etc...

all the beauty in the UI system, replays, custom-able hotkeys, custom-able mods ect... this all is beyond excellent.

Im also sure, all pro players here LOVE the reactionary play, strategic planning, knowing the very limits of each unit, outguessing your opponent and choosing the right unit composition to counter your opponent, scouting ahead, putting all that ideas in real time into work, needs a lot of practice ... and it's challenging. not necessary to say: RTS is an amazingly challenging game genre.

So, as you can see here in this replay: all that complexity has a very high priority in OpenRA, reactionary play, strategic planning, knowing the very limits of each unit, outguessing your opponent and choosing the right unit composition to counter your opponent, ... all that simply done with 1 unit ... bravo :)

playtest: 2017-03-04
map: 16:9
replay file: <welcome to TD.orarep> (included in the rar file).
welcome to TD.rar
(286.14 KiB) Downloaded 56 times

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Major Kusanagi Motoko wrote: -snip-
I like your sentiments however this isn't the right thread, especially when its nearly a year old. Balance thread would be a better fit.

Regarding the replay, looks like a great game, it just seems that you lacked in the reactionary/strategic element of the game.
You were using a composition that was easily countered by 1 unit type. Shpooky hardly made use of any infantry units yet you kept making flametanks, artillery and flamers, all units that are easily countered even by a light tank. Myabe if you had sent those units around the edge and attacked his base rather than his army you could have been more successful.
And if im nit picking, Shpooky was ahead in eco for most part of the game, he teched up and had access to the ion in order to get ahead in army, you failed to spot commandos coming behind despite the fact you took out its APC and by the time he started hitting your base with the mammoths he was 10k ahead in combat stats.

Also glad to see you sticking to your guns
Major Kusanagi Motoko wrote: i dont care to come back here again.
TL;DR, GDave was right at the end of the replay
Also nice work uploading a replay you lose in, for once. must have taken a lot of restraint

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Too late.
Thread revived.
Triggering main participants... :D
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jaZz_KCS wrote: Too late.
Thread revived.

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