Mines - some loves them other hates them

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Mines - some loves them other hates them

Post by thomassn »


In the game, OpenRA Red Alert Mod, I love to be Allies. I lay lots of mines, and it is often met with many cursed words from players.

I do really agreed with some players, that OpenRA need some sort of mine sweeper or detection thing (like in C&C Generals).

So what are people opinions about mines?

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Post by ihptru »

it's ok, I use demo trucks to destroy mines

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Post by PersianImmortal »

I hate them. However Curtaining a squad of tanks and sending them to clear them out is a good counter.

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Post by OverKill »

I'll be the first to admit it was probably me getting mad at you for using mines. They're a great tool but unfortunately there isn't an effective tool to remove them besides demo trucks. Problem still presides if the enemy has 3+ mine layers working at the same time. Hopefully we'll have something to counter them in the future.

- OverKill

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Post by thomassn »

I think, it would be useful to decrease the time of reloading Mine Layer at the Service Depot. Now, I can easliy reload many Mine Layers with just few Service Depots.

Otherwise, it should cost money to reload mine layers.

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Post by epice »

Actually, thats not a bad idea!

Make mines cost money!

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Post by BaronOfStuff »

...weren't you complaining about running out of money in another topic? Now you want to add more ways of spending said money?

Why not just make Mine Layers slower and/or more expensive, not to mention reduce damage from AT mines? A solution like this can be tweaked constantly until a reasonable balance is found, without:
a) Nerfing ML's completely.
b) Having to dream up more fantastic ways of draining player resources with units only serving a very specific non-combat purpose.

For example:
Reducing the speed of the ML by even 1 unit will overall result in more time being needed to deploy what's currently a 'useful' number of mines; get this balance right in conjunction with reduced damage and a player can't/won't rely on minefields so much to deter/destroy any invasion attempts.

If the M.A.D. Tank ever gets into OpenRA, that can serve as an effective/expensive mine-detector/disabler, in addition to its primary role of doing untold damage.

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Post by Surrealistik »

Spy infiltration of Radar Domes might reveal enemy mines.

Engineers should be able to detect mines in a limited radius about them (they're expensive, slow and unarmed, so it's fair; use APCs/Chinooks to haul em). Perhaps Engineers could even 'attack' mines while adjacent, destroying them harmlessly.

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