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Chris Graham
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Misc feedback

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I'm incredibly impressed by OpenRA, the developers have done a superb job.

After playing (against AIs) quite a bit I have some general feedback on some little glitches I noticed...

1) Planes never rearm when they land themselves. I always have to manually re-seat them. I read you've fixed this already for the next release though.

2) I have seen a bug a couple of times when a plane turns into a zombie. It gets shot up, but the sprite is not erased and it continues flying to wherever it's last destination was, animates, but has no health and cannot take commands.

3) Please implement a 'Pause' feature. Maybe simply when the config menus are brought up.

4) It would be cool to have a save feature, and/or some way to be able to save the profile of a configured game. If you want to keep playing a particular configuration till you win it can be tedious setting the start base, the map, all the teams, and the sides.

5) I have never seen an AI do any of the following: build planes, build ships, send a nuke, repair a building, deploy a new MCV (I have seen them have MCVs but they sit undeployed).

I think that's it. I had some other minor issues but you fixed them in the last release.

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