Need complete info on switches for manpage(s)

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Need complete info on switches for manpage(s)

Post by Iran »

I've not yet begun on creating manpage(s). Uh..the current packages don't include the map editor, but I'd like to do a seperate manpage for those if I also can get info on it.

So basically, I need a list of all the command-line options, additionally a small history and keyboard shortcuts.

I'll make it look like a combination of: (openTTD manpage)

and (mupen64plus manpage)

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Post by Sleipnir »

Our current args are `SupportDir=<filepath>` which sets the path to the user support dir where we save settings, logs etc, and overrides for any settings flag that can exist in settings.yaml, in the form `<type>.<flag>=<override>` -- eg `Game.Mods=cnc` or `Player.Name=foobar`. See OpenRA.Game/GameRules/Settings.cs for all of the settings.

The map editor treats its first argument as the mod to load, and ignores any others. This will need to change to support add-on mods for ra or cnc.

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Post by Iran »

Thanks, I'll take a look at making manpages later this day.

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Post by chrisf »

Correction: the map editor should treat the first arg as a comma-separated list of mods to load. `ra,ra_perf` works for editing the pathing perf test map, etc.

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Post by Iran »

Here's my concept version:

The markup for it is:

Code: Select all

.TH OpenRA 6 "September 2010"
openra \- Open source RTS engine written in C# that runs early Command & Conquer games
.BI "openra &#91; SupportDir="support_directory
.B &#93;
.BI "&#91; <settingstype>.<flag>="override
.B &#93;

.BI "openra-cnc" " &#91;OPTIONS&#93;"

.BI "openra-ra" " &#91;OPTIONS&#93;"
.I openRA
runs under Mono or any other virtual machine that supports executing CLI applications. The
.B openra-cnc 
command is a simple script that will run the engine with the C&C mod loaded,
.B openra-ra
will do likewise for the Red Alert mod.

.BI "SupportDir="support_directory
Set the 
-- the path that will be used to write and read user-specific files, such as&#58; logs, replays, settings. The directory ~/OpenRA is the default,  but the launcher sets this to ~/.openra.
.BI "<settingstype>.<flag>="override 
Set an override for a setting defined in the
.I settings.yaml
file located inside the 
For example, you can run the engine with the options
.BI "Game.Mods="cnc 
.BI "Player.Name"=foobar 
etc. This will cause the C&C mod to be run and your in-game name to be changed to 'foobar', in that order. See the EXAMPLES section below for a few useful overrides.
.B openra
command runs /usr/share/openra/OpenRA.Game.exe, therefore you can substitute every mention of that command with 
.IR ./OpenRa.Game.exe ,
given that your current path is inside the directory in which this binary resides.
.B openra Graphics.Mode=Windowed Graphics.Mode=800,600
Will run the game in a 800x600 window.
.BI "openra Game.Mods="modname
Will run the mod specified with
.IR modname .
This mod will be loaded from /usr/share/openra/mods/modname/, if the directory doesn't exist the game will crash with indescribable gibberish.
Note that ~/.OpenRA is the default  
but that the 
.I openra
command launches with this set to ~/.openra. You can change this directory by running the engine with the 
.BI "SupportDir="support_directory
option, where
.I support_directory
is the directory you want to load from and read to these files.
.I ~/.openra/settings.yaml
The default configuration file that loaded is loaded when the engine starts.
.I ~/.openra/Logs/server.log
Contains logged events that occured on your server. The "server" referred to is started whenever you host a game through the "Create Game" menu.
.I ~/.openra/Logs/exception.log
Exceptions that were raised during startup or running the engine will be stored here. This file can give crucial information on fatal bugs or errors keeping the engine from running.
.I ~/.openra/Logs/debug.log
This file stores debug information, 'nuf said.
.I ~/.openra/Logs/perf.log
Contained herein is performance information. You can help the developers by posting this file plus hardware specs on our forums.
.I ~/.openra/Logs/syncreport.log
The whole log of synchronisation info from your last online multiplayer game is stored in this file. This file gets cleared everytime you restart the game.
.I ~/.openra/Replays
A directory dedicated to storing replays.
.B openra
is still in early alpha phase and will therefor contain a plethora of bugs. If you think you found a bug, please report them to our bugtracker. Please try to check whether the bug is unique or not before filing a new ticket.
.I http&#58;//
.I http&#58;//
.I http&#58;//;3690/OpenRA/
.I http&#58;//
The 'OPENRA-EDITOR-NAME-HERE' part obviously needs to change. To use this save the file as openra.6 and run:

Code: Select all

$ gunzip openra.6
# cp openra.6 /usr/share/man/man6
# mandb

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