Red Alert Global League: Season 7 - Registrations

February 25th 23:59 UTC+0

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Red Alert Global League: Season 7 - Registrations

Post by netnazgul » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:23 pm

Registrations Rulebook Map pool

Registrations and confirmations

Player confirmations - OPEN (till February 25th 23:59 UTC+0)
Public registrations - OPEN(till February 27th 23:59 UTC+0)

New signups
New players have until February 27th (23:59 UTC+0) to send the registration info.
Registration takes place through Discord (, the primary channel of communication; use #ragl or send a private message to @netnazgul), email ( or in the comments below.
Registration info must include the following:
  • Nickname that will be used throughout the season;
  • 3-lettered initials for tagging replays (i.e. SoScared = SOS);
  • Country of origin and timezone expressed in UTC (see;
  • OpenRA discord name (Discord is the primary channel for communication);
  • Forums name (planned to be used for game servers whitelisting).
Registered players are put onto Signup list. If the player sent his registration info but wasn’t put onto Signup list then he should contact the officials.

Returning players
Players transfering over from the previous season have until February 25th (23:59 UTC+0) to confirm their participation.
Returning players don’t have to provide any other information than the expressed confirmation, officials are to request any of the above if mandatory information is missing.
Returning players are put onto Confirmations list in order of their performance in the previous season.

Players relegated from Minions as well as new signups are put onto Signup list in the following order:
  • Players relegated from Minions
  • New signups in order of registration
Qualification event is not held in case there is more spots in Minions than actual players. All the players from Signup list are put into Minions.
Qualification event takes place to rank players in Signup list. Qualification event format is a double-elimination bracket drawn at random. All matches are Best-of-3. Qualification event takes as many rounds as needed to rank players in Signup list.

Up to 16 players will be selected for Masters division. If there are more than 16 players willing to participate in Masters division, top 16 will be selected in order of rank below (the list is composed using the previous season performance).

Confirmations list
Total confirmed: 12
Barf - Declined - USA
Orb - Confirmed - USA
ZxGanon - Confirmed - Germany
FiveAces - Confirmed - Austria
Anjew - Unconfirmed - Australia
eskimo - Confirmed - England
netnazgul - Connfirmed - Belarus
Unano - Declined - England
Upps - Confirmed - Germany
dragunoff - Unconfirmed - Bulgaria
Tailix Killa Mentor - Confirmed - England
Jur - Unconfirmed - Slovenia
WhoCares - Unconfirmed - Belgium/Paraguay
Punsho - Confirmed - Lithuania
Dualwarhead - Unconfirmed - Finland
jjkramok - Confirmed - Netherlands
Happy - Confirmed - England
mechANIC - Unconfirmed - Russia
Zaqzorn - Confirmed - England
lundiz - Declined - Sweden
SirCake - Unconfirmed - Germany
beuk - Confirmed - Netherlands

Signup list
Total signups: 12
Бо - Ukraine
Domo - Russia
Fruttielicious - Netherlands
h34vy - USA
KSK_Nico - Germany
BigBadBain - England
sakura - Japan
FRis - Belgium
Admiral mo - Wales
Dying Fetus - USA
bµg - France
Metalcallous - Phillipines
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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 7 - Registrations

Post by fris » Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:12 pm

FRis - Belgium

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