Red Alert Global League: Season 8 - Map Pool

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Red Alert Global League: Season 8 - Map Pool

Post by netnazgul » Tue Sep 03, 2019 6:59 pm


Rulebook Registrations Map Pool

Map Pool
Map pool consists of 10-12 maps specifically uploaded to the Resource Center and marked as “Category: RAGL” and explicit naming and thumbnail watermarks. Usage of any other versions of these maps for the league games is disallowed and will be rejected from being reported as a valid match result.

New in Season 8: All maps include a custom-made design of a Refinery (ERCC) made by Widow and FRenzy to improve the ore mining balance between various refinery positions. The refinery has reduced footprint (3x3 with no additional occupied cell at the top), all of its cells except bottom-left and top-right are passable.

Map pool is to be finalized on September 23th 23:59 UTC+0.

Map list (WIP):

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