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Design new countries for RA

Post by MlemandPurrs » Mon Jun 17, 2019 1:36 pm

First some context. I can design the soviet countries well on my own, but when it comes to allies im stumped. I could use some help in getting the Allies equally interesting to play with. Suggest me things for Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Turkey

This is what im using for my RA+ mod, where each country has:
two buffs, called 'faction variations', first is an generic buff, the second can be an unit specific buff(the unit here can be an Building or Defense instead), or in the case of France unlocked fake structures for them.
one 'veterancy bonus' that ensures the unit its affecting gets built at rank 1 when trained by this country,
one 'unique support power', this comes generally as one of two types: its either an 'unit summon' type of power(Paratanks, Sniperdrop, Decoy Army etc.) or an click to use power providing otherwise unavailable utility(Field Repairs, GPS Scrambler, EMP Bomb)to make it worth of use.
and up to three 'special units', those are units that can only be trained by this country. Mandatory are one Infantry and one Vehicle per country, with the third option being reserved for an extra naval unit/building/defense or an second non-combat vehicle providing some interesting utility.

Some more explanation of the two buffs. Firstly, the generic buff. it gets constructed like this:
column 1 contains the class of unit,
this can be Infantry, Tanks, Aircraft, Ships, Defenses, Buildings.
column 2 contains an bonus this type of unit will get given at an rate of 10%, can be more Damage, better Rate of Fire, reduction in cost, reduction in buildtime, increased attack range, more health, increased xp gain rate, faster movespeed, etc.
column 3 contains an malus to offset the bonus achieved by the unit. At the usual this is an malus in another field. Sometimes have to think outside the norm to make it less repeated across the board.
examples: Tanks are cheaper to build but have less health. ; Tanks* fire faster but deal less damage. ; Buildings are cheaper to build but explode when reaching 20% Health.

The second buff, unit specific buff does something not exactly achievable otherwise to make it worthwhile.
examples: ; Radar Domes increased Sight and Detection radius ; Mechanic has +2 Range bonus ; Tesla Coils use -20 less power ; V2 Rockets travel faster ; Ore Trucks carry +10 more Ore per trip. ; Concrete Walls have double health ; Medics heal more often. ; Engineers are armed. ; GAP tech increased effect radius ; etc.

You not necessarily have to follow what im doing, any idea will be welcomed as its better than none.

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