Manual selection of the starting units

we can recycle 'dropship screen' into something useful

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Manual selection of the starting units

Post by Eagle XI » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:46 pm

For those who hadnt know: In Tiberian Sun there is the scrapped idea of an dropship reinforcements screen. you can find out about it on cnc wikia and such, since idea is merely related will not detail it here.
The idea ive got is: When select light or heavy support gain an fix amount of credits.
Type A: When the game begins, the round does not immedietaly start, instead you can buy and place units and an limited selection of buildings even(like basic defenses, sandbag, chain-link fence, pp, barracks) around your starting location. Here every item has slightly increased cost(like 10% to 20% expensiver than what they normally are) and there can be further limits on how many tanks you can place. Leftover unused credits added to your starting amount at an 1/2 rate(or 1:1 if leftover amout is small enough).
Type B: Somewhere in options you do the loadout screen, with configuration for starting with each support type, there selecting which units you want to take manually. Also you would able to save an loadout for each support type for future use. In this version you can only buy units no buildings and defenses. When game begins they appear in vicinity of starting location distributed randomly. Leftover credits are wasted.

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