City on a Hill, Playtest map

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City on a Hill, Playtest map

Post by NethIafin » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:17 am

Hello everyone, I decided to try myself in mapping for open ra. I have quite good experience in scenario mapmaking for original RA, but competetive (if you can call this map competetive) maps are new for me.

This map works best in current playtest features, mostly due to how command centers work - they are crucial part of this map.

Features and design quirks:

5 points of conflict: top and bottom narrow ridges that are far from any potential naval combat, top and bottom wide passages that can be covered by long-ranged naval units, and an island in a middle - without any resources and connected by 2 bridges from each side

Relative center symmetricity

Naval combat has its place, but player who wins "The Lake" does not automatically win, since main base and main expand are far from lake, but his presense there gives him great advantages, as he can control most of the passages (but not all of them)

Center island does not allow deployment from the getgo (you have to clear civilian buildings first), but it gives you a more direct way to your opponents main base

Command Centers near bridges to center island allow players to build a defensive line there, along with ability to get a quick expansion. Players will have to bring someone to destroy the chain-link fence and then bring engineer for a capture. The sound of rocket firing (or squashing of the fence) should be a clear sign for opposing player that the command center will be captured soon. That could lead to a engineer snipe.

Sprawilng city in the middle (island and around CC) can lead to more interesting battlefield decisions, or may force players to clear city beforehand

A total of 6 oil derriks. Two of them are "safe" and placed near 2nd expansion, other four are at the top and bottom chokes, and can be easily destroyed.

Large and balanced 1st expansion that requires a refinery from both sides for optimal harvesting.

If you have any feedback on this map - please do tell me

Link: (map was updated thanks to feedback from Netnazgul)

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