[MAP] [RA] [Minigame] Close Call Vanilla - v1.0

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[MAP] [RA] [Minigame] Close Call Vanilla - v1.0

Post by Cypher_Dasarian » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:56 pm

Hello There!

This is a vehicle based Minigame with capturable Oil Derricks. The unit stats have been modified, mostly the HP which is shown in the unit description in the game. I'm still balancing this with friends, so any input is appreciated.

The game starts you out with a War Factory, Radar Dome, Oil Derrick and Turret for defense. The objective is to build up an army of vehicles and capture the three Oil Derricks spread throughout the map to generate more income. These games last about 10-20 min, very fast paced.

The lobby positions dictate the start positions.
Slot 1: bottom left corner - Team 1
Slot 2: bottom right corner - Team 1
Slot 3: top left corner - Team 2
Slot 4: top right corner - Team 2

You MUST set your teams!!

Please let me know if the instruction aren't clear and suggestions/criticism is welcome!

Enjoy! Have fun! Peace!!


Close Call Vanilla - v1.0.oramap
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