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Re: What is the worst problem of Allies and why

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 10:02 am
by Edi(son Coil)
It is not a buff to the ranger, It is a change to the ranger so it has a purpose in mid/late game and allies can have a vehicle with anti-air.

It would cost 800 credits (ranger 500 + rocket soldier 300) and a bit of micro. On the other hand, the flak truck costs 600 and is ready to go.

Light tank:

You can't fix the light tank because he ain't broken. On it's own, he is fine and balanced. The problem is the medium tank, which always is a better choice. The only time you want to get a LT is when you can't have a MT like in the early game before service depot.

You can embrace that by making it upgradable from LT to MT or you remove the LT completly and replace with something else.