End of 2018 RA balance changes

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Re: End of 2018 RA balance changes

Post by lawANDorder » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:29 am

My personal idea is a new buff from owning a hospital, which grants a 10% bounty on your own units killed.
We just made bounties an opt-in so it would be a weird step imo.
streamline the stealth mechanic since apparently 5 different traits of stealth exist
Please let's not change things that work fine just for streamlining. It seems logical that only dogs and other spies can detect disguised spies IMO. Same goes for cloaked vehicles which use sophisticated hardware to actually become invisible and thus require special detectors. The different traits have probably technical reasons.

We obviously can not give infantry detection vs disguised spies. So the streamlined alternative would be to require the same detectors for thieves as for spies, and that seems like a bad idea considering that
- spies are usually only a threat near your base and detection is much easier to set up there
- while spies can be detected by the player, thieves can not
- thieves are dangerous in the open too, where you usually have no detection.

> Maybe also increasing the cost from 500$ to 650$ or changing his capturing stun behaviour to take 2 second after freezing a unit to enter it like engineers external capturing.

I think the equal value fits good for these special units and should be streamlined. I don't really understand the reasoning for the other point and to me it would feel like a huge regression now that the buggy behaviour has finally beeen fixed!

It's good that testers have already found a lot of issues that can be fixed for the release and IMO the focus should be on the "does it work as expected part" for now instead of trying to refine the details of changes that are not really tested yet.

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Re: End of 2018 RA balance changes

Post by Smitty » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:28 pm

It appears we've got some consensus on 1) Tone down the hijacker and 2) Engi could use some extra oomph after the capture rework.

Since we've at least got another playtest cycle to work with I'm leaning towards reducing the hijacker speed to 71 (same as Tanya and heavy tank) and reducing the engineer capture time to 5 seconds. We can then see how these units perform in the second playtest and determine if they need further changes as some have requested.

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Re: End of 2018 RA balance changes

Post by netnazgul » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:37 am

What about other balance test maps that we could play on playtest? Regarding Artillery.

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