Thoughts from a player playing Red Alert for a couple of months

I have played this game a couple of months. I saw that the developers want the communities opinions on matters on the Red Alert mod. Here are mine, summarized in a big and well structured post.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Re: Thoughts from a player playing Red Alert for a couple of months

Post by NerevarII » Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:47 pm

Que_Boi_de_Rasa wrote:
Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:16 pm
The games I have played, I usually get demolished by Allied navy. The destroyers have so much range they feel like cruisers. I later figured out that the naval turret is supposed to counter that.

NerevarII: Ah yes, the ASGT (Anti-Sea Gun Turret) is a temporary fix, until a working solution for anti-naval weapons for gun turrets and tesla coils are found. Even the more experienced people that I asked had no idea why it wasn't working, so it might be an engine-related issue. Who knows :D

If I also remember correctly, MiGs have even more speed and can attack air. They seem really strong, maybe a bit too much, when they can run away from so many projectiles. But I haven't played enough to know for sure.

NerevarII: Ah yes, the MiGs were designed to be easily killable, but much harder to kill depending on your skill level in terms of micro-manage. A lot of the aspects have been changed that way, so hopefully players who can't micro as well, can play with other players on the same level, while allowing higher level players to have fun competing with each other to see who's better at both micro and macro. Some versions, due to typos, MiGs were overpowered, and avoided almost everything shot at them, effortlessly, but that has since been fixed and through extensive testing, I can't find a way to break that balance. I'm hoping somebody can find something that I'm missing, and break it, so I can fix something, if necessary :)

Cannot comment on the balance of things, as I don't have enough experience. What I can say is that it plays quite a bit differently from vanilla OpenRA. And I prefer to play vanilla OpenRA because then I have a better understanding of what I am up against. :)

NerevarII: That's a semi-common reply I get, which is fine, some people play the maps just to switch thing's up, and/or to have fun playing around with new tactics/concepts. Your opinion is valued though, don't worry <3

I think it is nice that people can create custom mods, to tweak various aspects of the gameplay. And I think it is nice that you have done that, and implemented various ideas (like naval gun for example).

Ah I can't take all the credit. Eloyros, aka KYOK, has played an integral role in making this all work. While most of the ideas came from me, he also contributed wonderful ideas, and he's the one who made custom icons and .shp files for the ASGT, and other units/structures that are are used (most are seen in my 20171014 OpenRA Release map-mods. Without his wonderful, generous kidness, I wouldn't have made it this far. He helped me figure out a lot :)
My replies are the colored text :P

Also, I don't want to seem like I'm trying to derail, so by all means, forget this, and we can continue via DM/PM if you wish.

I'm glad you made this thread, it sparked some insightful and fruitful conversation!

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