Redesigning and Balancing TD

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Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Re: Redesigning and Balancing TD

Post by Materianer » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:53 pm

ZxGanon wrote:
Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:32 pm
Updated my mod to 1.2. Changes have been marked as green that refers to Patch 1.2.

- Cost from 4000$ to 3000$

Power Plant:
- Cost from 500$ to 400$
To improve the early game.

Advanced Power Plant:
- Cost from 800$ to 700$

- Storage capacity from 700$ to 1000$

- Buildtime from 48 secs to 40 secs
This change was made to compensate the 12 second delivery delay of the Plane.
Nod should be finally at a competitive fair point with this change.

Repair Station:
- Energy cost from -30 to -10
- repairing buffed: HpPerStep: 1000 and Interval: 7
After the removal of the prerequisite on the MCV it lost it´s reason to be there so I made it easier to build it without going low power.
The repair buff was a nice idea by Orb.

Communication Center:
- cost from 1000$ to 1500$
This change will definately slow down the game by a lot and also will shift the usage of A10 a bit through out a game.
A higher cost T2 prerequisite will not only slow down the A10 usage but everything else unlocked with it and above aswell.

Advanced Communications Center:
- Cost increased from 1800$ to 2000$
- Energy cost decreased from -150 to -100
- HP increased from 130000 to 210000

Temple of Nod:
- Reveals shroud increased from 6c0 to 10c0
The changes to both Superweapons were made because both provide the 3rd tech level and superweapons.
Why should such buildings be handled different because of the superweapons themselves.
Both have enormous strength in their own right (Ion Cannon obliterates armies in an instant
while the nuke levels bases)

All defences:
- normalized their building speed to match their cost
This change was necessary to finally stop instant snowballing after winning a fight to put up
some emergency defences to hold out longer until replenishing your own army.

Guard Tower:
- Requires now Power Plant instead of Barracks/Hand of Nod to be build
This change will finally bring more variety to builds rather than forcing you to open barracks to
defend against the current (very) strong allins that exist in TD.
- reverted requirement from Power Plant to Barracks
- Armor set from wood to heavy
- cost from 600$ to 500$
My previous attempt buffed factory/airstrip openers which caused me to redo this change into something different.
I changed the armor type of the Guard Tower and decreased it´s cost to first buff it against infantry (which it is supposed to counter while nerfing it against vehicles that carry anti armor weapons to clean up it´s weird behaviour. This should promote barracks openers but I´m pretty sure factory/aristrip are still the way to go opener on most maps.

- Requirement from Barracks to Factory/Airstrip
This change was made to first give Factory/Airstrip openers some possibilities to defend against early vehicle raids (that usually end the game in 3 minutes) which is ultimately boring and has been proven multiple times especially through out the whole TDGL (next to broken APC´s). I know this change promotes said openers more than Barracks first but this change also makes sense to get anti vehicle turret with vehicle production and Guard Tower with infantry production.

SAM Site:
- reduced cost from 650$ to 600$

Obelisk of Light:
- From T3 (Temple) to T2 (Radar)
The Advanced Guard Tower of GDI is overall far more potent than the Obelisk.
The GDI Tower is superior in cost and energy, being able to hit Air while also strong against all ground units.
If the Obelisk is too powerful then I will reduce it's attack speed. (pretty sure I dont have to
since a camping Nod player is far weaker than an aggressive one since Nod has to swarm the map to surivive)

Advanced Guard Tower:
- increased cost from 1000$ to 1250$
- restored it´s weapon from the original means it now has a 2-burst missile weapon with longer reload
This I adjusted to first of all nerf the AGTW against ground units but buff its behaviour against Air. The AGTW is an overperforming defence structure
especially in team games. It is stated to have a weakness against infantry but that is not the case. It´s damage and spammability was outshining the Obelisk of Light.

Rocket Soldier (E3):
- Movement Speed increased from 42 to 56 to match the minigunner
The current meta annihilates the use of Rocket Soldiers outside of APC´s.
Also the slower a unit in OpenRA is the worse it the microability.
This change should finally clean up this mess.

Flamethrower (E4):
- Increased movementspeed from 56 to 71
In original TD the Flamethrower was as fast as the grenadier so I made them even.
In my opinion the Flamethrower is an underwhelming unit.
If this change was a mistake I can easily readjust.

Engineer (E6):
- Now has external capture and set to 7 seconds
As soon as the new code hits were engineer locking is removed it will also be implemented
and the capture time will be set to 5 seconds. (So it works like in KW and RA3)

- Cost from 2000$ to 1400$
Another unit that is very underwhelming. Due to it´s equivalent cost of 20 Minigunners who are just better so with
1400$ in might see use outside of dropping or to clean up Chemical Troopers (even though 20 Minigunners did a better job).

- Decreased cost from 4000$ to 3000$
- Buld time reset to match the cost (72 seconds)
- Removed Repair Station as the requirement (still requires Radar)
- HP reduced from 120000 to 60000
- Shroud reveal increased from 8c0 to 9c0
Due to the fact that the 4k MCV is just impossible to build (especially 1v1) without dying to counter attacks the cost of
the MCV have been set to 3000$. Back than when 2000$ MCV was a horrible meta I can understand being scared of by this but I assure
you the 3K MCV has been tested already and it is still not possible to go for a second MCV early on (till 7th minute) without
dying to an immediate response from your opponent that might even use 2xFactory/Airstrip at that point. Even the removal of
the Repair Station hasn´t improved this strategy but people are no encouraged to rebuild their MCV when they lost the first one.
The HP has been cut in half due to the infinite possiblities and MCV allin can possibly offer in the early stage of the game.
It has not been abused to an extend yet due to people taking a like to go for macro games rather than ending it quick but
these allins are kinda impossible to hold if you dont do the same move. This kind of gameplay is toxic and I feel like
shouldn´t be possible. If ppl are scared of losing the MCV tio Ion Cannons than they should take in acocunt that the Nuke
can even destroy the Conyard itself. Also wasting your Ion Cannon on an MCV rather than annihilating a big chunk of the opponents
army will lead into dieing to a counter push. The vision range has been increased to immediately deploy your MCV if enemy units
appear since the HP was cut in half.

- undone HP nerf and vision buff
My idea to nerf the Monstertrucking of MCV´s has proven successful but also had a negative sight effect of the game become boring and stale.
In short: it nerfed allins so hard that it removed build orders which I dont appreciate. I want TD to become a competitive faster paced OpenRA game
with strategic decision making rather than snowballing limited tankbattles out of one base the entire game.
Also this might cause "MCV-Monstertrucking" to reappear but first I´m the only one doing that atm and 2nd I´m pretty sure ppl will find a counter.

- Increased Movement Speed from 85 to 100
- Readjusted buildtime from 27 secs to 24 secs
This change was an idea of Orb to encourage long distance harvesting and I like this idea aswell.
Readjusted the buildtime due to my politics of reducing all the customized buildtimes.

Rocket Launcher:
- Renamed it to MLRS
- Increase damage against None from 24 to 40
This thing is way weaker than the Nod artillery in any regards but killing Light Armor. When players (especially Nod players)
perform heavy infantry pushes against GDI...well let´s just say GDI has a very very hard time dealing with those. So this buff
should help out GDI on that regard while also improvng the MLRS.
Oh yeah btw I renamed it because it feels good man.

Stealth Tank:
- Cost from 900$ to 950$
- reduced damage from 6000 to 4500
- increased rocket count from 2 to 4
- speeded up the burst from 10 to 8
The Stealth Tank always felt to me like a stealthed Nod Attack Bike and that is just not satisfying enough for a member of Kane
so I took an example of how the modern CnC´s handled the stank by increasing the rocket count to let it not only feel more powerful
but also increasing its value. If the Stank will overperform I might undo this change but for now I wanna see how this is going.

- Cost from 750$ to 600$
To encourage more dropplay.

Apache Longbow:
- Increased attack range of the gorund weapon from 4c0 to 5c0
With this change it finally matches the attack range of the Orca. Im still pretty sure the Apache is underperforming.
It is an excellent Orca killer and okay against infantry and Artillery (it should be now better against those) but
the Orca is still a way better tool to use.

Reworked the Oil Derricks:
- Cash Tick Amount from 25$ to 50$
- Cash Tick Interval from 125 to 200
- Now upon capturing provides 250$ (everytime you capture and recapture)
In theory provides a bit more money over time while also finally able to deny bigger intervals when killing the structure.
Refund of 250$ to speed up the gameplay with Barracks opener (which is currently far inferior to Factory/Airstrip opener).
Due to the change of the Guard Tower and other changes the Barracks opener should not become the way to go strategy while
also improving other openers beside Factory/Airstrip.

Removed the damage of exploding Husks:
- Idea of Anjew and Orb and I like that too

A10 Strike:
- Reduced damage of the MG against Light Armor from 100% to 30%
This should now make sense (means flesh torn apart by a Machine Gun while Armor surviving it)
while also rebalancing this imba ability that can literally turn the game upside down.

Changes that I might do in the future:
- removal of the build penalty between buildings since this is just unnecessary
- redoing the Mobile SAM of Nod since it is just not necessary.
It outshines Apaches, Attackbikes and even Sam Sites and Stanks so why not restoring the original Napalm Rockets and make it T3?
Nice to see someone working on this game.
I like most of the changes and some are really needed and overdue.
The powerplant cost reduction for example, its happening too fast that you run out of money in early game is was what i often felt like, that should make it a bit better.
The repair pad changes sounds like fun.
AIrstrike nerf is needed
Does stealth tanks with its speeded burst now have a better chance to hit moving targets?
3k mcv loooooooong time overdue, even with 2k cost it was risky to make multible mcv's. I know to that time the balance was quite diffrent, lighttankspam and so on. But
i'd say you do nothing wrong when you got a bit under 3k even without tested it ;)
I will do some testgames on your maps, if i find someone to play with.
I hope TD will get a solid number of players back one day, this is a step into the right direction imo ♥ ♥ ♥

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