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eskimo's map depository

Post by eskimo » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:04 pm

I thought i'd start my own map thread now i have a few maps semi done. I try to build a map around an idea that seems aesthetically pleasing in my head. Attempting to build symmetrical maps that don't share the same tiles as a mirror image is the goal. However unfortunately this way of thinking leads to questionable maps being produced, but hopefully i will get something done that encourages great games to be had after some more practice.

So let me know if you've tried any and any criticism is always welcome.

Descending chronologically. Screenshots available on resource centre links.

(Going to redesign ore patches)
General map needing a fair bit of aesthetic work. Taken a few ideas from other maps for this.

(going to redo)
A luscious elongated valley rich in raw materials. War will never seize here until every asset is removed.

Another barren wasteland that must be contained, who knows what secrets lay here?

(still in revision)
The barren dessert where few still live, surviving off the limited non contaminated water. A place of little value and a limited amount of oil reserves left, certainly an absurd land to wage war over.

Badger Hills:
Finished, complete. V2.0 is final.
Home of the precious water tree. Large varied landscape spread wide.

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