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How to include german Video-Briefings and Music to Dune2000

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:39 pm
by Clouseau
The OpenRA Installation Routine asks for CDs to install additional Music an Videos from the Original CDs. However it does accept only CDs from an ENGLISH version.

So if it happens and you have the GERMAN Version, here is how to do manually:

- Make a Quick-Install of the Game.

- Go to your original CD and copy the following directories:

DVD-Drive:\MUSIC to ...\Documents\OpenRA\Content\d2k\v2\music

DVD-Drive:\MOVIES to ...\Documents\OpenRA\Content\d2k\v2\movies

- In the movies-directory you have to rename every file with *_G.VQA to *_E.VGA
The underscore G means "German language" while OpenRA is looking for files in english language. (I have done this step with "advanced renamer")

- After that you can start Dune2000 and will have all the music and movies for briefing. However, until now i have not tested if the german movies do fit exactly to the english missions. There might be some mismatch