Allies campaign for OpenRA

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Allies campaign for OpenRA

Post by Scott_NZ » Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:54 am

[align=center]Allies campaign for OpenRA[/align]


I'm currently developing a scripted campaign for OpenRA, based on the Alliance's struggles during the Second World War.
The campaign will be composed of reimagined single player missions similar to the original Red Alert Allied missions, and some additional co-op "spinoff" missions.
You can expect the difficulty of these missions to be significantly harder.

Current mission lineup
  1. Allies 01: Use Tanya and an assault team to rescue Einstein from the Soviet Tech Centre and extract him via Chinook.
  2. Allies 02 (Co-op): Einstein's Chinook was shot down by enemy SAM sites. Destroy the SAM sites, level the nearby Soviet base and extract Einstein again.
Some things to note
  • Allies 01 and an early version of Allies 02 are available now in OpenRA playtest-20120825-2.
  • The campaign will feature playback of FMVs and music (Allies 01 already uses these) so it is advisable to have the content from the original game installed.
  • Make sure the player slot is full in Allies 01 and both the player slots are full in Allies 02 before attempting to play them, or the game will crash. This will be fixed soon.
This thread will primarily serve as a development log. Feel free to post ideas/bugs here or on Github.

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