Map Editor on MAC

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Map Editor on MAC

Post by Sor3nt » Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:22 am

Hy all !

i try to get the map editor to work on mac osx.
But i have a little problem :D

What i have done :

1. Load the GIT sources
2. Change the MAKE file (add to .SUFFIXES: core : also editor)
3. copy game file into folder
4. start make all
5. start editor (mono OpenRA.Editor.exe Game.Mods=ra)

it looks fine :D editor loads and draw the gui but no textures found, all sections are empty.

Where is the trick ? have some one a hint ? Maybe just a wrong place for my game files ?

Okay i have a worked editor version for mac :)

Here a small step by step tut :

1. Load the game from GIT sources
2. copy game file into folder (see readme how to )
3. call "make all"
4. change the makefile

Search for

Code: Select all

@-cp $(foreach f,$(shell ls mods/cnc --hide=*.dll),mods/cnc/$(f)) $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
and replace this with

Code: Select all

	@cp mods/cnc/weapons.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/voices.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/music.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/movies-nod.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/movies-gdi.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/mod.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/metrics.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/cursors.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
	@cp mods/cnc/chrome.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/cnc
then search

Code: Select all

@-cp $(foreach f,$(shell ls mods/ra --hide=*.dll),mods/ra/$(f)) $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
and replace with

Code: Select all

	@cp mods/ra/weapons.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/voices.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/sequences.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/music.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/music-cs.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/music-am.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/movies1.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/movies2.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/mod.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/metrics.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/cursors.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
	@cp mods/ra/chrome.yaml $(INSTALL_DIR)/mods/ra
(we have just change now the copy commands, the single command doenst work correct on mac osx!!)

5. sudo make install
6. wait
7. call "openra-editor"

Thanks all !!

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